Sushma Karki accuses of 'sexual harassment'

A news about actress Sushma Karki being kicked out of the an upcoming movie ‘Bar’ took another twist when the actress accuses the movie unit of ‘sexual harassment’. In the news, the director and shooting unit had removed her from the team when she was more focused on romancing with her boyfriend than the shooting.

Sushma’s story

The producers of the movie asked Sushma Karki to go to Attariya for shooting. But, she didn’t go there because she didn’t want to do the movie. In th
e last minute, she decided to go there in a car. But, to ensure the starting of the shooting the cinematographer had asked her to go by flight than in car. Sushma insisted on going in car and she also took her boy friend with her.

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Night Life in Kathmandu

In the past the night life in Kathmandu used to be a bit dull. Kathmandu used to sleep at night. But, not anymore. These days, the night life has been more colourful because of the new way of lifestyle. Nepali youths have grown interest in disco and restaurants. Late night entertainment has been an integral part of the day-to-day life of Kathmandu residents.

The dance restaurants and clubs have contributed to this development.
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