Nepali Movie – Aandolan

Nepali film – Aandolan
Starring -  Karishma Manandhar, Dinesh Sharma, Barsha Khadka, Surya Shrestha etc.
Director – Tirtha Thapa

About ‘Andolan’

A CB Malla’s presentation, Nepali movie ‘Andolan’ is produced by OM Shree Films. The movie is made on the story of people’s revolution in Nepal, featuring actress Karishma Manandhar and Dinesh Sharma in leading role. The director of the movie, Tirtha Thapa, has also written the story of the movie. The movie is made on political theme about the protect by people against unjust.

The script writer is Abinash Shrestha with help of Mohan Niraula. Assistant director is Pradeep Shrestha. The action by NB Maharjan, choreography and editing by Raju Shah. Bhim Rana is the cinematographer and Prakash Gurung has composed the music.
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Nepali Movie – Pocketmar

Nepali Movie – Pocketmar
StarringShree Krishna Shrestha, Dinesh Sharma, Ashok Sharma, Barsha Khadka, Sonia Malla, Anita KC, Gopal Raj Mainali etc.
Writer, DirectorRaju Dhoj Rana

‘Pocketmar’ is a presentation of Pratik Film Production. A presentation of Harikrishna Balami, the movie is as story of pickpockets.

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