Namrata Shrestha wardrobe malfunction, boyfriend and Parva event

During the trailer release program held by upcoming movie ‘Parva’, Namrata Sherestha’s had an oops moment. After she spoke about the movie and when she was handing over the microphone, Namrata uncrossed her legs from the crossing position. Skip to 1:26 in the following video to see what I mean.

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Nepali movie – Hamro Gantabya

hamro gantabya nepali movie nameNepali movie – Hamro Gantabya
Starring – Keshar Jung KC, Binod Ghatane, Laxman Rijal, Dawa Sherpa, Sandesh Kulung, Anju Niraula etc.
Director – Pradeep Bhatta

Watch the movie ‘Hamro Gantabya’ in full :

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