International Indigenous Film Festival starts in Kathmandu

3-days long International Indigenous Film Festival has started on June 12 in Assembly Hall, Kathmandu. Satya Mohan Joshi, an expert in history, inaugurated the 8th version of the festival by playing traditional musical instruments.

The first short movie to be featured in the festival was from Brazil, titled ‘Owner of the Water’. There are 12 movies, documentaries and music videos participating from Nepal. In total there are 36 films from 18 different countries including India, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Japan and Belgium.

The judges of the competition are experts from Japan, India and Nepal. The judge from Nepal is Anita Gurung, the Japanese judge is Nimo Guji Nawami and the Indian judge is G L Bharatdwaj. The best movie in the competition will win Rs. 15,000 and one producer will win Rs. 25,000.

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