Simpal Khanal shares daughter’s photo, no news about husband Nadeem

It has been two years since Simpal Khanal married Nadeem Sarwar, a UK resident Pakistani youth. Right after the marriage, Simpal got pregnant and shared a photo of her belly. But, after that there was no news about where she was and how her pregnancy go. After a year, Simpal finally shared a photo of her daughter.

The daughter of Simpal is already a year old now and is named Anisa Sarwar. The exact date of birth and the current location of Simpal and her daughter is not known.

I had also prepared a video report about Simpal at that time (attached at the end of this post).

Who is Simpal Khanal?

Simpal Khanal was a well known Nepali model until she got married in January of 2016. After that, she has been away from Nepal and away from the Nepali entertainment industry. She debuted in Nepali movie industry as an actress in ‘Majhi Dai’. After the debut movie, she waited a long time before appearing in her second movie ‘Adhyaya’. Watch Simpal’s movies in xnepali:

Simpal marriage with Nadeem Sawar was controversial as he was married to the owner of a prestigious private college in London, England at the time of the marriage. It seems, Nadeem has divorced his wife a short while before he tied his knot with Simapl. Nadeem has a son with his previous wife.

After getting married, there was no news about Nadeem or Simpal for a long time. Simpal hasn’t shared any information about her husband Nadeem.

I wish Anisa a very bright future and congratulate Simpal for the beautiful daughter.

Zenisha Moktan gave birth to a cute daughter, and an Instagram account

Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha Moktan gave birth to a healthy daughter on Christmas 2017 (Decmeber 25, 2017). Both the mother and the daughter are healthy and doing great after the childbirth. The new member of Dikesh’s family is named Dia Malhotra.

A video report:

Zenisha had married Dikesh, a businessman, in February of 2016. That was after a half-a-decade long love affair. Dikesh and Zenisha met because of actress Priyanka Karki. Priyanka and Zenisha have been friends for at least a decade and now, after marriage, Zenisha has become Priyanka’s sister-in-law. That is because Dikesh is Priyanka ‘s younger cousin from her mother’s side.

A new Instagram Account

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Jal Shah mother and literately figure, Prema Shah, died in the USA

At the age of 72, Prema Shah has died in the USA on December 20, 2017. She was not only the mother well known actress Jal Shah, she is a well known literary figure herself.

Born on Ashad 16, 2002 BS at Shreepur of Birgunj, Prema lived in Kathmandu at her maternal uncle’s home in an early age. He grew up in the care of a nanny in Kathmandu, Tuasidevi Upadhaya Koirala. She completed her schooling from Adarsha Kanya Niketan at Mangalbazar, Patan in 2016 BS after completion of her SLC. After that she went to Patan College where she completed her Bahelors degree. She did her Masters’ degree from TU, Kirtipur.
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