Johnney Gentleman, Pal Shah to double the romance with Aanchal Sharma ?

A new movie titled ‘Johnney Gentleman’ is announced in a program held in Kathmandu. The movie features actor Pal Shah opposite to his real-live girlfriend (rumoured), Anchal Sharma. Both Aanchal and Pal Shah had debuted together in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’ and both are well known music video models.

pal and aanchal in johnny gentleman announcment

The movie, ‘Johnney Gentleman’ is going to be directed by Nitin Chand and is a presentation of Your Style. In the event, the director Chand told that the movie is being made in a different style of presentation. The movie’s story tell how Johney becomes a gentleman. According to the director, the chocolate-style Pal in the start converts in a action-style Pal at the end of the movie.
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