Bandha returns?

It was a sigh of relief for Nepali to be able to live without Nepal Bandha or city bandha for some time. But, it seems, bandha are returning.

After bandha of few days in the Eastern part of the county (in which, wild elephant roamed in Birtamod city), Chitwan was closed yesterday (Dec 16, 2011). The strike called after the death of Nepali Congress member and Chitwan Tarun Dal’s president, Shiva Poudel. Shiva Poudel was in jail after alleged shooting spree and was attacked within the jail.


One man protests, and number of onlookers, afraid of the bamboo club he carries, obey his threatening orders!

In the photo above, a man claiming to be a Nepali Congress Party member is seen threatening a bike rider with a bamboo club in hand.

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How polluted is Kathmandu – before and after rain

Everybody knows the Kathmandu air is full of dust and smoke. Ankur Sharma has taken a photo before and after rain and superimposed to give a clear picture on how polluted Kathmandu is.

It is not only the dust and smoke, the sunlight is also rendered dim by cloud on the sky. So, the above photo might be slightly an exaggeration of actual level of pollution.