Nepali artists rally against Indian blockade and Terai protest

To protest the economic blockade of India, and to ask the government to take proper steps in solving the problem in Terai, Nepali artists had teamed up to participate in a rally organized in Kathmandu on November 24, 2015. In the rally organized by Chalchitrakarmi Rastirya Jagaran Abhiyan, film artists, music artists and television artists and genera public were present.

A video report of the protest:

The participants of the rally had expressed their concerns toward the public and the hardship they have faced because of the lack of things of daily needs. They have asked the government to be serious in fulfilling the demands of the protesting parties in Terai. Almost everybody in the rally were carrying the flag of Nepal and were carrying placards with their demands.

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Artists reached to an agreement with the govt.

The government has agreed to the 8-points demands of the protesting artists. In a meeting held a the ministry with the secretary and Dharmendra Marbaita (Pappu) the two parties had reached to the agreement.


The government has given word to comply with the 8-points demands of the protesting artists. In return, the protesting artists will allow Pappu to let him work in FDB.

The hunger strike is going to end today after signing the agreement.

Bimal Poudel replaced by Jaya Kishan Basnet in hunger strike

One of the participants of the indefinite hunger strike, Bimal Poudel, has to withdraw himself from the protest after his 69-year-old father died in Chitwan. His father was suffering from problems in his kidney.

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Film Artists start an indefinite hunger strike

The rely-hunger strike of film artists has ended on the 12th day of it’s start. In the mean time, the government has ignored the protesting artists and has unilaterally appointed the chief of Film Development Board. Today, at 11:00 AM a press meet was organized to start a hunger strike toll death to create more pressure to the government.

The participating artists in the hunger strike include Bimal Poudel, Agraj KC, Surya Regmi, Neela Basnet, Mukesh Dhakal and Ananta Timilsina.

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Vicky Malla and Surabhi Bista in hunger strike

Actress Mausami Malla‘s son Vicky Malla was seen in the hunger strike of film artists with his co-star in ‘Samaya’, Surabhi Bista. After debuting in Nepali movie industry in ‘Samaya’ two of them are usually seen together and they were sitting together in the hunger strike.

With tika on their forehead and flower garlands on their neck, they look like married couple. When a journalist asked them about being together in the strike, tried to imply that the togetherness was a mere coincidence.

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Govt. ignored protesting film artists, Pappu appointed to head FDB

The government has selected Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita, popularly known as ‘Pappu’, to head the government body to look after Nepali movies, Film Development Board (FDB). Rekha Thapa was considered one of the contestant to the post before she headed for the USA on January 23.

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30 protesting film artists arrested

In an effort to lock down the Film Development Board (FDB), the police has arrested 30 film artists on Thursday, January 17. When the police removed the lock the protesting film artists installed on January 9, they had gathered up at the FDB office to lock it down again.

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Nepal Banda photos – protest by student wings of parties including ruling party

As announced earlier, 13 student wings of nine different political parties, including the ruling party, have forced-close the Kathmandu valley on January 25. There are no vehicles on the street and the businesses are also closed. The only vehicles allowed on the road are press vehicle, ambulance, and vehicles of foreign embassies.

The youth organizations have announced that they won’t even sit in negotiation table until the government takes back the recent price hike. Here are some of the scenes seen in Kathmandu streets:

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Bandha returns?

It was a sigh of relief for Nepali to be able to live without Nepal Bandha or city bandha for some time. But, it seems, bandha are returning.

After bandha of few days in the Eastern part of the county (in which, wild elephant roamed in Birtamod city), Chitwan was closed yesterday (Dec 16, 2011). The strike called after the death of Nepali Congress member and Chitwan Tarun Dal’s president, Shiva Poudel. Shiva Poudel was in jail after alleged shooting spree and was attacked within the jail.

One man protests, and number of onlookers, afraid of the bamboo club he carries, obey his threatening orders!

In the photo above, a man claiming to be a Nepali Congress Party member is seen threatening a bike rider with a bamboo club in hand.

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