What is the true face of Prithivi Narayan Shah?

Today is Prithivi Jayanti, Ekata Diwas. Prithivi Narayan Shah is credited for the unification of Nepal at the time when the country was divided into smaller states. There are three types of people who:

  • Support Prithivi Narayan and consider him a great person
  • Are indifferent of Prithivi and are neutral
  • Against Prithivi Narayan

Those who support believe it was Prithivi who saved Nepal from going under the British rule. He created an identity of Nepal and Nepali people.

Others don’t care because, Prithivi happened to be one of the stronger kings who could win other states. Other kings were also trying to do the same but they failed. It was Prithivi’s job to extend the boundary of his kingdom at that time. They believe he was doing his job and nothing more or less.

The third category people are against Prithivi because he killed a lot of people to win other states. His attack to Kathmandu valley is believed to be particularly brutal. He installed new language and system in the valley. The Newar culture and language became sub-standard to Nepali language.

All three types of people are right to some extent. I don’t want to go in details on who is more right.

I want to discuss – what is the real face of Prithivi. A video report first:

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Nepali Movie – Prithvi

Nepali Film – Prithivi
Casting Rajesh Hamal, Mausami Malla, Srijana Basnet, Tika Pahadi, Hemanta Budhathoki, Muralidhar etc.
Director – Prakash Sayami

A presentation fo Shiva Shakti Films by Sudha Shrestha, ‘Prithivi’ features Rajesh Hamal as Prithivi. Actress Laxmi Giri is featured in a special appearance. The music of movie is composed by Shakti Ballav.
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