3 percent decrease in Nepali students going to to the USA

For the third consecutive year, Nepal has become the 11th supplier of international students to the US universities. The total number of students going to the US this year was however less than that of the previous year.

Nepal was 13th biggest supplier of international students back in 2007 (7,754 students). With 15.2% increase (8,936 students), Nepal was in 11th rank in 2008. 2009 saw a huge, 30 percent, increase (11,581 students) in the number of Nepali students in US but, the ranking remain the same 11th.

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Top 50 Websites in Nepal – only 15 are Nepali

We don’t have a system to rank websites in Nepal. The truth is, we don’t have that many quality websites to rank. The only tool I could find was Alexa.com. It gives country rankings of websites.

A very simple analysis of the data shows that all the popular sites in Nepal are foreign sites. Only one Nepali site in the top 10 ranking is ranked 10th.

The analysis showed that:

  • Facebook (no. 1) is more popular than Google (2 and 3). Due to the local tdl (com.np and .com) the visitors in Google are divided. When they are combined, Google might still be the most popular website in Nepal.
  • The first Nepali website, Nagariknews.com is ranked 10, followed by eKantipur.com in rank 12.
  • Out of 50 top websites popular in Nepal, only 30% websites (15 numbers) were Nepali websites.
  • Nepali news websites were the most popular in Nepal with, almost half (40%) of the 15 Nepali websites were news websites. Entertainment sites were second with 27% share (4 numbers).
  • xnepali.com was ranked 43 and was the 13th most popular website in Nepal.

Ranking tables follow:

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