Risker to drive in Nepal (Traffic accident data analysis)

In May, 2011 we posted about traffic accidents in Nepal up to FY 2066/067. Adding one more data to the chart shows an alarming increase in the number of accident in  FY 2067/068. That was an increase of more than 500 accidents in a year.


When  we see the number of death due to accidents, the number also increases from 146 to 171 death, an increase of 25 deaths.


The data shows that the government is not doing enough to reduce accidents or death caused by such accidents. So, the citizen themselves should be more careful while driving. They should be more proactive to increase awareness in people about traffic safety and rules of the road.

I hope the social media groups that have been doing laudable works in the past will also think in that direction.

You can't replace your head – wear helmet

Every Hindu knows Lord Ganesh got his human head replaced by an elephant head. Don’t ask me how can an elephant head fits on Ganesh because, we are not talking about mythology.

Yes, it’s not possible to fix elephant’s (or anything else’s head, for that matter) on a human body. Ganesh agrees on it and ask motorcycle riders to wear helmet to safeguard their heads.

The poster issued in public interest by Safe Life Foundation, somewhere in India says:

Take care of your head !!!
Not everyone gets a replacement
like me…


Please, live in rules and remain alive! (Photo credits – Siddhartha Reddy Thimmireddy)