You can't replace your head – wear helmet

Every Hindu knows Lord Ganesh got his human head replaced by an elephant head. Don’t ask me how can an elephant head fits on Ganesh because, we are not talking about mythology.

Yes, it’s not possible to fix elephant’s (or anything else’s head, for that matter) on a human body. Ganesh agrees on it and ask motorcycle riders to wear helmet to safeguard their heads.

The poster issued in public interest by Safe Life Foundation, somewhere in India says:

Take care of your head !!!
Not everyone gets a replacement
like me…


Please, live in rules and remain alive! (Photo credits – Siddhartha Reddy Thimmireddy)

Three schoolgirls on a scooter making fun of traffic rules

It is not only a security nightmare but also against the law to transport three people on a two wheeler. Nagariknews published the following photo showing three schoolgirls in their school dress travelling on a scooter. The photo was taken in the heart of Kathmandu, Narayanhiti Palace. It is to be noted that the headquarter of Traffic Police is within a few minutes’ walk from the scene.

Photo credits Nagariknews

When police break the rules

The following photo raises a serious concern towards the social responsibilities of the Nepalese police force. They are supposed to teach the people to obey the rules and be safe. But the officer in charge of this group has risked the lives of these people and have given a wrong message to the general public.

I hope they will realize their mistake and act responsibly in the future. The photo taken by Deepkiran Sharma in near Mahankalsthan temple, Military Hospital, and Bir Hospital.