CYSU youth clean up Bir Hospital

CYSU youth teamed up to clean the Bir Hospital area. Such a voluntary movement is expected to have a long term impact on creating social awareness and impart a feeling of responsibility in people. It is another proof that social media is the next revolution.

Nepal Army and Mountaineering Team volunteers also joined the group to clean up the area helping the volunteer count to reach 100.

Manish Thapa and CYSU Team, in a statement, had told that the effort also inspired the staffs of Bir Hospital to help in cleaning and the Bir Hospital Administration was also very cooperative.


In it’s website, Come on Youth Stand Up (CYSU) defines itself as "an Informal Community toiling for Empowerment of Youths and Social Advancement in Nepal."

Bir Hospital clean-up appeal:


Hospital, a place that produces the most amount of wastage in varieties degradable, non degradable,toxic and so on
.Improper mixing and dumping of these wastage may lead to the destruction of lives and surrounding.Since an year back, Bir hospital has been able to settle a systematic management of wastage from root level.Placement of various colored dustbins according to the nature of wastage,sterilization of harmful bottles and syringes and possible recycling of them in addition making manure out of degradable wastage and bio-gas, have been the best features over the hospital. Inspirational management plus co-operating staffs of the hospital has doubtlessly set an inspirational environment as whole a good example.After a visit to the hospital it was found that,hospital needs proper paintings including creativity and cleaning of bushes over walls.

Our Work:
-Art & Sculpture
-Painting/Wall Painting
-Learn Scientific Waste Management Techniques.
and More…..

Lets Build New Relationships. Relationships via

The youths of nation are requested to give a proper finishing to Bir hospital…lets participate for the campaign of creating a healthy and safe environment at hospitals..
Lets Build New Relationships. Relationships via Solidarity.

Photo credits: NepalUnites facebook page

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