Road literature – Priceless love

A heart touching piece written on the back of a truck was captured by journalist Dipak Bhattarai.

Shundar rahechha timro muhar ma dukhile chinna sakina
Amulya rahechha timro maya ma garib le kinna sakina…

I tried translating it, but couldn’t replicate its sweetness. So, all I can say about the piece in English is the essence of the lines: "I couldn’t buy your love because it was priceless."

Don't kill the journalist – Truck literature

"Killing" the word in itself is scary! When you feel like writing a message telling not to kill somebody is one of the saddest thing to do.

Yes, it can only happen in Nepal!

The message written on the back of a truck read:

Journalists are the eye openers! They shouldn’t be killed!

Poor Nepali journalists !

I rather prefer love messages better, for a truck literature.

Funny Truck Literature

I am not sure who took this photo but, it sure is funny. The writing on the truck, reads:

Fanakka farki nahera Kanchi haranko taalai ma
Jhilke chaa khalasi Kiss khala gaalai ma !

The rough translation of the text reads:

Hey girl, don’t turn around to look on the sound of horn, the naughty assistant (in Bus/Truck) may kiss you on the cheeks