86 years of smoking – a 106 year old army man

The guy you puffing a cigarette is told to be 106 year old and he says that he has been smoking since 86 years. There is no doubt, smoking kills. But, this pensioner of army for the last 60 years is surely an exception.

grandfather-smoking-for-86 years

There was Winnie Langley who lit her cigarette from her 100th birthday candle and was an internet sensation, gave-up smoking at 102 and died within a year. She gave a false impression that, "quitting smoking is injuriou
s to health".

Well, smoking is injurious to health and nobody should start it!

Thank you Neel Khadka, the news editor of Sagarmatha Television, for allowing me to use the photo.

Winnie Langley gave-up smoking at 102 and died within a year

What does that mean? Quitting kills?

A lady, Winnie Langley, who smoked for more than 95 years and made headlines when she lit the cigarette from the candle on her 100th birthday cake, died almost at the age of 103. That was just one month short of her 103rd birthday, on July 27, 2010, to be precise.

Winnie started smoking at the age of 8 and never stopped until she was persuaded to stop it at the age of 102. She used to say that cigarettes helped calm her nerves during the world wars. She outlived her husband, son and all of her 10 step-children.

When her her eyesight got worse and she couldn’t see the end of a match she was persuaded to stop smoking just before Christmas of 2009 (about 7 months before she died). But, the real reason might be something else. As she couldn’t afford the cost of cigarette, she had already cut her 5-cigarettes-a-day routine to one-a-day. (Photo credits – croydonguardian)

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