Teej – Festival of dance, music and fasting (Audio songs)

UPDATE 2012 -Teej Music videos are posted in :
2012 Teej Music video and audio songs

Teej is a fasting festival observed by women in Nepal. The festival is celebrated in August or early September in which, married women fast for the whole day to honor Lord Shiva and for the long and healthy life of their husband.

Unmarried girls fast, wishing for a competent husband. Traditionally Teej is celebrated for three days in which, the second day is the fasting day.

Most important features of Teej are:

  • Fasting
  • Red Saree (resembles bridal dress)
  • Teej dances
  • Teej songs
  • Shiva worship

Three days of Teej:

Day 1 – ‘Dar Khane Din’, eating and partying.
Day 2 – ‘fasting day’ – singing and dancing
Day 3 – ‘Rishi Panchami’  – worshiping

Hence, Teej has everything from eating, partying, singing, dancing, and worshiping.

Teej audio songs collection:

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  1. Hamro Ramailo chad teej ko Nepali did bahini lai teej ko subha kamana gardaju
    Ananta Sarmah

  2. hi all nepali DD bahini haru wish u happy teej, teej may bring u lots of happiness and peace in your life all the bese

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