Top 10 Most Popular Teej Songs of 2018, Neeta Dhungana, Karishma Dhakal, & Anjali Adhikari rocked

This is the list of a dozen Teej songs that have received the most views ranging from 26 lakhs views to 10 lakh views in 1-2 months after being uploaded. The most popular singers of the songs are Komal Oli, Pashupati Sharma, Khuman Adhikari, Bishnu Majhi, Roshan Gaire, Asha KC, Santosh KC, Radhika Hamal, Lalita Poudel, Devi Gharti, Sunita Sen, Hari DC, Birendra Khadka, Usha Magar, Resham Sapkota, Purnakala BC, Bishnu Khatri etc.

A video report (All the videos discussed in the video are embedded below):

The dance of model and dancer Karishma Dhakal has rocked this year. The first in the list features Karishma’s dance. Another song, Maiti Ko Aangani also features Karishma Dhakal with Anjali Adhikari. Anjali Adhikari is also featured in Khuman Adhikari’s song (5th in the list). Actress Neeta Dhungana rocks in Bishnu Majhi’s song. The dancers in other songs are not worth mentioning.

1 Roshan Gaire and Asha KC – Karishma Dhakal dance
26 lakh views

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Teej songs collection, Happy Teej 2012

Information about Nepali Festival Teej and some audio songs were posted in 2010.

We would like to wish a very happy Teej to all our female readers.

For your dance needs, we have collected some of good Teej songs.

Apart from music video we will try to add links to mp3 versions (some songs added at the end of this post) of the songs if you need to copy them to your music player. Songs in MP3 are usually of better quality when compared to the videos.

Teej song from the movie Andaaz
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Teej – Festival of dance, music and fasting (Audio songs)

UPDATE 2012 -Teej Music videos are posted in :
2012 Teej Music video and audio songs

Teej is a fasting festival observed by women in Nepal. The festival is celebrated in August or early September in which, married women fast for the whole day to honor Lord Shiva and for the long and healthy life of their husband.

Unmarried girls fast, wishing for a competent husband. Traditionally Teej is celebrated for three days in which, the second day is the fasting day.

Most important features of Teej are:

  • Fasting
  • Red Saree (resembles bridal dress)
  • Teej dances
  • Teej songs
  • Shiva worship

Three days of Teej:

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