Trending in Nepal – Nepathya, Deepak Bajracharya, Neetesh Jung Kunwar

This is the list of videos trending on July 20, 2018 in Nepal. I only list the videos that seem like Nepali (I might make mistakes in choosing because I don’t watch the videos before sharing them here.)

The topmost videos in the trending list are foreign videos. Then in the 3rd, Cartoonz Crews video has climbed up in the ranking. Although the The Cartoonz Crew & Priyanka Karki new song – “Pani Kuwako” By Saroj Oli and Smita Dahal is in the 3rd list, I am sharing the video at the end of the post because I had shared the videos in my previous posts. Rabi Lamichhane’s ‘Janta Sanga Sidha Kura’ program is in the 4th list. This is also shared at the end of the post because I had shared it in my previous posts. Similarly the ‘Smart City’ also goes to the end of the post.

New entries in the trending list is Deepak Bajracharya’s song – ‘Mayako Dorile’:

The song “Maya ko Dorile ” features a concept dance by Rahul Shah featuring Alisha and Arun.

Then in the 7th in the list is a new video by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. Watch the video:

The song – Nisthuri Mori is recorded using an iPod about 2 years ago.

July 17 Meri Bassai is still in the Trending list:

Meri Bassai is one of the longest running and one of the most popular Nepali comedy serial. The serial is shown in Nepal Television at every Tuesday.

Nepathya’s new song – Gaun Gaun Bata Utha is also trending. The song is a part of Nepathya’s concert since their peace concert tours. The song was previously used for democratic campaigns during the Panchayat regime and was very popular among people.

Then the list contain the videos I have already shared in the previous posts – Trailer of ‘Nai Nabhannu La 5’, Komal Oli and Pashupati Sharma’s teej song ‘Mananiya Jyu’ and ‘Brake Fail’ comedy serial of July 17th. The video about a singing robot, Chewang Lama’s song ‘Sararara’, news about how Samikshya was burnt and that about Boogie Woogie contestant Kabita nepali. Chhakka Panja 3 shooting report is still in the top list.

New in the list is Harke Haldar – July 18, 2018.

Ramesh Prasai video is also trending. Wow Nepal video is also trending. Kya Jamana Aa is a new web serial in the trending list:

Boogie Woogie Episode 23 is also on the trending list for the last one week: Watch the video:

Pashupati Sharma’s Teej songvideo ‘Goli Marde Putali’ is also trending:

Another Teej song – ‘Bikriti’ is also trending. The video features Bhumika Giri and Jyoti Magar.

Others in the trending list include teej song ‘Lauri Harayo’, Dohori of Jeri and Krishna Kandel, film ‘Jun Ta Lagyo Tarale’, and my video Priyanka Joshi is still in the trending list for the last four days, although it is almost at the bottom.

The last in the trending list is ‘Yestai Taal Ho Bhaney’ by Sabin Karki and Namrata Shrestha.

Now, the ones in the top lists:

3rd trending

4th in trending list

5th in trending list

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