Friday Trending – Rudra, Jhumki, Neetesh Jung Kunwar, Pitch Road

The YouTube videos trending this week are those that were trending last time I wrote about them.

New Nepali movie ‘Rudra’ featuring Nikhil Upreti and Sara Sripali is trending this week. The movie also features Bishow – the producer of the film

The List of videos in the list are:

  1. MCA (Middle Class Abbaiyi) – Hindi dubbed film (Indian)
  2. Neetesh Jung Junwar’s song Nisthuri Mori is in the second place (Music Video)
  3. When Asish Chanchalani Met Akshay Kumar, Gold – Indian
  4. Jhumkee – Nepali movie (Nepali film)
  5. Pitch Road – SamirAcharya, Bidhya Tiwari, Sushant Khatri, Aanchal Sharma and MR. RJ (Music Video)
  6. Maya Ko Dorile – Deepak Bajracharya music video featureing Rahul Shah and Alisha (Music Video)
  7. Ram Ki Jung – Hindi Dubbed film (Indian)
  8. Meri Bassai – Epicose – 560 – July 24 (Serial)
  9. Hukum – Sushree Sampati song (Music Video)
  10. Blood Moon – what is Blood moon? (Indian)

Let me list all the Nepali videos:

Neetesh Jung’s song :
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Trending in Nepal – Nepali films Jhumkee and Gore, comedy serials

Two Nepali films are trending in Nepal today. The number one in the list is Nepali movie ‘Jhumkee’ featuring Dayahang Rai with ‘Kabaddi’ famed actress, Rishma Gurung. I have posted a separate post about the movie – Watch the movie in this post.

Another movie in the list is Dilip Rayamajhi’s movie ‘Gore’. I am yet to post write a separate post on the movie. You can watch the movie here:

20 Trending list:
1 – Film – Jhumkee
2 – Indian – Ram K Jung (Hindi dubbed film)
3 – Indian – MCA – Hindi dubbed movie
4 – Music video – Maya Ko Dorile – Deepak Bajracharya song
5 – News – Baneshowr – police and Traun Dal clash by Kendrabindu TV
6 – Music Video – Nisthuri Mori 0 Neetesh Jung Junwar
7 – Music Video – Pitch Road – Samir Acharya, Bidhya Tiwari, Sushant Khatri, Aanchal Sharma
8 – Report – Rabi Lamichhane’s Sidha Kura Janatasanga – 250 episode
9 – Music Video – The Cartoonz Crew and Priyanka Karki Song – Pani Kuwako
10 – Series – Bhadragol – July 20, 2018 episode
11 – Series – Smart City – Aajkal Ko Love – 42
12 – Series – Harke Haldar – 372
13 – Report – Abiral Pokharel, made popular by Rabi Lamichhane
14 – Series – Meri Bassai – July 17 episode
15 – News report – Tarun dal protest
16 – Teej Song – Bikriti – Bhumika Giri and Jyoti Magar
17 – Indian – Shiva
18 – Teej Song – Komal Oli and Pashupati Sharma
19 – Reality Show – Boogie Woogie – 25
20 – Indian – Doraemon Cartoon
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Trending in Nepal – Nepathya, Deepak Bajracharya, Neetesh Jung Kunwar

This is the list of videos trending on July 20, 2018 in Nepal. I only list the videos that seem like Nepali (I might make mistakes in choosing because I don’t watch the videos before sharing them here.)

The topmost videos in the trending list are foreign videos. Then in the 3rd, Cartoonz Crews video has climbed up in the ranking. Although the The Cartoonz Crew & Priyanka Karki new song – “Pani Kuwako” By Saroj Oli and Smita Dahal is in the 3rd list, I am sharing the video at the end of the post because I had shared the videos in my previous posts. Rabi Lamichhane’s ‘Janta Sanga Sidha Kura’ program is in the 4th list. This is also shared at the end of the post because I had shared it in my previous posts. Similarly the ‘Smart City’ also goes to the end of the post.

New entries in the trending list is Deepak Bajracharya’s song – ‘Mayako Dorile’:

The song “Maya ko Dorile ” features a concept dance by Rahul Shah featuring Alisha and Arun.

Then in the 7th in the list is a new video by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. Watch the video:
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YouTube trendings Nepali videos – Brakefail, Rabi Lamichhane program

This is a new series in xnepali – the list of videos trending in YouTube on daily basis. It seems, I should decrease the frequency from daily to alternative days. That is because some video remain in trending for more than one day. So, in this third post in the series, most of the videos were featured in yesterday and the day before yesterday’s post. For example two videos of yesterday – “Smart City’ web series and Cartoonz Crews video are in 3rd and 4th position.

So I start today with the video ranked 5 in YouTube trends. The video in 5th rank is Rabi Lamichhane program. The program features a strange child who has smart capacities. Enjoy the video

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YouTube trendings Nepali videos – (Bhadragol, Aajkal Ko Love, World Cup 2018)

Top 3 videos trending today are non-nepali video. So, I start from the 4th position.

A web series – “Smart City” – AAjkal Ko Love Ep – 42 is trending in the 4th position in the trending list now.

The series featuring Jibesh, Riyasha is featured in Colleges Nepal channel. The short comedy series features Riyasha Dahal, Jibesh Singh Gurung and Kanchan Khadka in leading role:

Watch the video:

The 5th position trending in the trending list is World Cup 2018 video:

Who won what in Russia 2018?
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