Triangular Love Story reaches police station – Saugat, Shristi and Soni

The triangular love story between Saugat Malla, Shristi Shrestha and Soni KC has taken a new twist. In a report, Saugat Malla has lodged a complaint against Soni KC, the model who reportedly was having an affair with Saugat Malla before.

Video report:

These days there is a rumour of affair between Saugat Malla, the Haku Kale of ‘Loot’ and Shristi Shrestha, the ‘Gajalu’ debut actress. After such report, Soni had started posting tragic comments in her Facebook page. Lately, she is reportedly being aggressive against Shristi Shrestha. In phone conversation with Saugat Malla, Soni had uttered threats including bodily harms by throwing acid on Shristi to as extreme as killing.

Saugat has told that he has recorded the call of Soni and believes she is serious in her threats.

Earlier reports:

A report on the affair between Saugat Malla and Shristi Shrestha:

A January 2016 report on the affair between Saugat Malla and Soni KC.

Who are Saugat Malla, Shristi Shrestha and Soni KC:

Saugat Malla is one of the best actors in Nepal. Saugat is also known as ‘Haku Kale’ after his character in super hit movie ‘Loot’. Watch ‘Loot’ here. Saugat is also one of the busiest actor in the Nepali movie industry.

Shristi Shrestha is Miss Nepal 2012. Shristi debuted in the Nepali movie industry in ‘Gajalu’. She is also being featured with Saugat in upcoming movie ‘Lalpurja’. In addition to that she has also signed in a number of movies after the success of her debut movie. Shristi’s parents live in the UK. After winning the Miss Nepal title, she has been active in modelling field. She has modelled in and Indian music video and various Nepali music videos.

Soni KC is a model. She was once featured in a weekly magazine ‘Shukrabar’. I don’t have much information about what Soni does as a profession.

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