Two movies releasing on Dashain ‘against rule’

There is no rule as far as release of movies in Nepal is concerned. Even if there are any rules, they are broken every now and then. The so called "queue system" in itself is flawed that good movies take ages to be released in Kathmandu while others get released within weeks it is finished.


Two new movies "Mero Love Story" and "Andaj" are going to be released on Thursday (usually new movies are released on Friday). Well, thursday is an special day as it is the biggest festival in Nepal, Dashain and every viewer would love to watch a new movie on that day. Shovit Basnet, whose movie will be taken out of theater a day earlier is very angry and has accused the Producer Association of being useless.

The distributor Sunil Manadhar is going go release Mero Love Story in Bishowjyoti Cinema Hall and the distributor of Andaj, DCN, is going to release the movie it in most of the theaters in Kathmandu.

Some 6 years back, in 2062 BS, the theater owners and Producer Association reached to an agreement of releasing new movie only on Fridays. After 6 years, the agreement is broken for the first time by one of the signatories, Ashok Sharma.  

Mero love story is a romantic comedy starring actors Aryan Sigdel, Vinaya Shrestha and Reecha Sharma in the leading role. 

Andaj produced by the DCN distributor Ashok Sharma and Chabi Ojha is directed by Ujwal Ghimire and features Rekha Thapa, Jiwan Luitel, and Sabin Shrestha in the leading role. 

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