Two movies releasing on Dashain ‘against rule’

There is no rule as far as release of movies in Nepal is concerned. Even if there are any rules, they are broken every now and then. The so called "queue system" in itself is flawed that good movies take ages to be released in Kathmandu while others get released within weeks it is finished.

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Miss Rajbanshi 2011- Radhika

23 years old Radhika Rajbanshi, resident of Duwagadi, Jhapa was crowned First Miss Rajbanshi in the contest organized by Organisation of Rajbanshi Abroginies (SORA) in Birtamod on Suday. She received Rs 25,000 case prize. Radhika also won the title Miss Talent.

Among other 22 participants, Maya Rajbanshi became First Runner Up and Mamata Rajbanshi became Second Runner Up and received Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000 cash prize respectively.

Similarly, Miss Catwalk goes to Nilam Rajbanshi, Miss Photogenic to Anju Rajbanshi, Miss Best Skin to Jyoti Rajbanshi, Best Smile to Mamata Rajbanshi, Miss Figure to Pabitra Rajbanshi and Miss Hair to Rewati Rajbanshi. (Photo Credit: Voice Of Rajbanshi)

Taleju Bhawani at Hanumandhoka open for public for Dashain

The only day in the year when the temple of Goddess Taleju Bhawani located at Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu opens for the public is Maha Nawami of Dashain festival. Some 100s of thousand of devotee visit the temple to get a glimpse of the goddess and worship on the day. As per tradition 54 male buffaloes and 54 male goats were also scarified on Maha Asthami (a day before the day it is open to the public).

Build by King Mahendra Malla in 1620 Magh (BS), the three-stores temple is build in traditional pagoda style.

Dharahara is seen in the backgroun
d of a historical photo of Taleju Temple, posted below: