Flashback – Nepali Movies in 2009

nepali movies in 2009 In summary, the year 2009 wasn’t so good for Nepali film industry. Many of the movies screened in 2009 couldn’t profit due to lack of opportunity to get theater in time and low turn-up of viewers. In total 32 movies were released in 2009. It is told that only a couple out of the 32 movies could earn profit.

Most of the film halls all over the country are now equipped with digital technology and are hence capable of showing new Hindi movies. As Hindi movies are more profitable than Nepali movies for the film halls, Nepali movies had to wait in long queue for screening them in cinema halls of their choice.

Most profitable movies of 2009 were ‘Kaha Bhetiyala’ by produced by actor Shri Krishna Shrestha and ‘Silsila’ by CP Poudel.

A low budget video movie, ‘Jungle Queen‘ (Jungle Manche), based on story of Lady Tarzan, was also very successful in 2009. The story was different from other movies and the actress in the movie, Jyoti Khadka (Jesika Khadka) who was involved in sex scandal with singer Prakash Ojha, also helped in its success.

A digital movie ‘Iku’ by Suleman Shankar whose character Iku was made popular in a comedy serial ‘Meri Bassai’ could also gross twice the investment. Shankar is currently working in the second part of the same movie.

Another high profile movie ‘Mero Euta Saathi Chha’ is also believed to do well in market despite the sex scandal of its lead actress Namrata Shrestha during its release. Actual financial details however is not released.

The list of the movies released in 2009 (Alphabetical list):

  1. Arjun Dev
  2. Bish
  3. Carengang – 2
  4. Chadigaya pap lagla
  5. Dhum
  6. Diwanapan
  7. Gorkha Rachhayak
  8. Itihas
  9. Izzatdar
  10. Jay Shiva Shankar
  11. Jindagi
  12. Jiwan Mirtyu
  13. Jungbaz
  14. Kaha Bhetiyala
  15. Kaha Chau Kaha
  16. Krishna
  17. Kusume Rumal
  18. Mahan
  19. Mero Euta Sathi Chha
  20. Mission Love in Sikkim
  21. Mr. Mangale
  22. Naina Resham
  23. Nasib Afno
  24. Nepali Vir
  25. Nishana
  26. Papi Manche -2
  27. Rachhayak
  28. Rajya
  29. Sahara
  30. Sandesh
  31. Silsils
  32. Tri Netra

Video movies (only the ones mentioned above)

  • Iku
  • Jungle Queen (Jungle Manche)

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