Ujjwal Ghimire hattrick in Chhabi Raj Ojha films, is it Kismat 3?

The director of the move that has celebrated its 71 days in theater recently, Ujjwal Ghimire, has landed in the next project of the popular film maker, Chhabi Raj Ojha. Although Chhabi is known to stick with one actress for a long time, he keeps on changing the directors of his movies.

Ujjwal Ghimire had directed of two of Chhabi’s previous hit movies – ‘Kismat’ and ‘Andaaz’. They were made under Rekha Films banner.

(Watch ‘Kismat’ here and watch ‘Andaaz’ here)

Although Chhabi Raj confirmed that Ujjwal will be responsible of directing his next movie, the name and the details has been kept a secret. The shooting of the next movie is expected to start on Chaitra, right after the release of the current movie under production ‘Kismat 2’.

In an earlier event, Chhabi had told that he is planning the third sequel of ‘Kismat’. As the production of ‘Kismat 2’ is being complete, Chhabi has told that he is going to repeat actress Shilpa Pokharel in the third sequel. He had also told that some of the fight scenes of the third sequel had already been shot during the shooting of ‘Kismat 2’. In the start, ‘Kismat 2’ was to be directed by Shyam Bhattarai but when he went to the USA, Rishi Lamichhane was selected to direct the movie.

Is Ujjwal Ghimire directing ‘Kismat 3’ ?

The following facts indicate that Ujjwal Ghimire is to direct ‘Kismat 3’

  • Chhabi has announced that his next project will be ‘Kismat 3’ and Shilpa will be repeated in the movie.
  • Ujjwal Ghimire is the director of the original ‘Kismat’.
  • Chhabi has confirmed that Ujjwal is going to direct his movie.

Although Chhabi hasn’t confirmed, these facts indicate Ujjwal to be the director of the third sequel movie of ‘Kismat’ franchise.


In the following photos Chhabi is offering Dashin Tika to ‘Kismat 2’ actress Shilpa Pokharel and director Rishi Lamichhane:

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