US Bangla plane crash – Who were in the plane? (full name list)

The aircraft arriving from Bangaladesh to Kathmandu had met with an accident in Kathmandu airport.

14 of the passengers were to-be-doctors who had completed their final exam and were returning home from their colleges.

Those Nepali medical students were going to Nepal on a two-month vacation on the completion of their MBBS final examination, at Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and Hospital. They were the 19th batch students of the medical college.

Here is the list of 14 students but, what happened to them is not known:

  • Sanjay Poudel
  • Sanjaya Maharjan
  • Neega Maharjan
  • Anjila Shrestha
  • Purnima Lohani
  • Shweta Thapa
  • Meeli Maharjan
  • Saruna Shrestha
  • Algina Baral
  • Charu Baral
  • Samira Byanjankar
  • Ashna Shakya
  • Princy Dhami
  • Shriya Jha

The US Bangla aircraft had slipped out of the airport.

There were 71 people abroad. Out of them, only 14 people were rescued alive. 24 people died at the airport and 9 others died in different hospitals in Kathmandu.

Here is the full list of passengers:

Passengers – 67
Crew Members – 4

Male (Passengers) – 37
Female (Passengers) – 28
Children – 2

– Nepali passengers – 33
– Bangladeshi passengers – 33
– Chinese – 1

49 dead, 21 being treated in various hospitals.

14 of the passengers were from travel industry who had gone to Bangladesh on the invitation of the new company’s new flight to the country: Attached is the photo taken from Sajana Devkota’s page (credit Pahilopost), Sajana herself died in the plane crash along with two others. Nine out of 12 from the group are fighting for their lives. Two other who are confirmed dead include Harishankar Poudel and Prabin Chitrakar.

Passenger list:

Nepali passengers

  • Shila Bajgain
  • Aljina Baral
  • Charu Baral
  • Sobindra Singh Bohara
  • Basanta Bohara
  • Samira Byanjankar
  • Prabin Chitrakar
  • Prinshi Dhami
  • Gyani Kumari Gurung
  • Dinesh Humagain
  • Shreya Jha
  • Purnima Lohani
  • Mili Maharjan
  • Niga Maharjan
  • Sanjay Maharjan
  • Keshab Pandey
  • Binod Raj Poudel
  • Hari Shankar Poudel
  • Sanjay Poudel
  • Ashish Ranjit
  • Krishna Kumar Sahani
  • Ashna Shakya
  • Sanam Shakya
  • Anjila Shrestha
  • Saruna Shrestha
  • Hari Prasad Subedi
  • Daya Ram Tamrakar
  • Dr. Bal Krishna Thapa
  • Shweta Thapa
  • Kishor Tripathi
  • Awadesh Kumar Yadav



(I will update the full list in a while – stay tuned.)

Full list (obtained from Himalkhabar – the page listing the passengers from number 31 to 40 is currently missing):

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