Vigilante – Movie Review

A milestone of Nepali film industry, ‘Vigilante’ is the first Nepali 3D movie in the 50-year long history of the industry. ‘Vigilante’ is produced by Aasma Films, the banner that produced the blockbuster movie ‘Chapali Height‘ last year. The movie features Priyanka Karki, Subash Thapa, Raj Ghimire, Menuka Pradhan, and Arjun Gurung in leading roles. The movie is directed by Dipendra K Khanal.


‘Vigilante’ starts with a suicide scene of a groom on his marriage day – and, that is the mystery of the movie. As the movie advances, six friends are seen on a bike trip as a song of Sabin Rai is played on the background. As the advance toward an unmentioned destination, the six friends have a lot of fun and discussion. When one of the friends’ bike breaks down, their journey is halted in an evening. While staying in the house of Khatri in the way, two of them disappear in the forest. Other four to enter the forest to find their missing friends. One by one each of them disappear in the forest.

I would suggest you to go to the theater to watch the movie to know the connection of the six people, the forest and the suicidal groom.

Strength and Weakness:

The main strength of the movie is the 3D technology – a new experiment in Nepali movie industry. ‘Vigilante’ is an example that the Nepali movie industry is abreast with the latest and current  technology in film making. The cinematography of Purushottam Pradhan is brilliant.  The background music of Tsujil Karmacharya is also good and it flows according to the story.  The director Dipendra K Khanal has chosen a very nice location to shot the movie.

The main weakness of ‘Vigilante’ is the story. The script of the movie sounds much similar to his previous movie ‘Chapali Height’ and the logic behind the suspense and mystery is not much convincing. In a 3D movie, viewers expect a lot of 3D effects. But, ‘Vigilante’ has only a few scenes where 3D effects are used. Very few thrills are presented in 3D effect.

In his debut movie, scriptwriter Shan Basnyat has left some loopholes in screenplay. The characters in the movie aren’t justified properly and the relationship between them is also not so clear.

Star Cast

The actress Priyanka Karki is features as Shristi, a modern girl and the love interest of Raj Ghimire’s character Ashish. Subash Thapa is featured as Niraj, a psycho by nature. ‘Vigilante’ is a short movie and the actors didn’t get the opportunity to show their talent. Because of the screenplay the character’s roles aren’t justified clearly and hence the actors haven’t been able to provide the best in performance.

Shankar Acharya, as Khatri, has done good job. Although he has a short role, his dialogue delivery and expressions looks realistic. Arjun Gurung, as Sujan, is funny and entertaining. Other actor’s performance can be considered good but not that remarkable.


Vigilante is a psychological thriller presented in a 3D technology. Technically, movie is appreciable and entertaining. Being the first 3D movie, viewers might have higher expectation. I would suggest to keep the expectation level low if you want to enjoy the movie.

Xnepali team appreciates the daring attempt of director Dipendra K Khanal and Asma Films to introduce 3D technology in Nepali movie industry.

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