What did Pooja Sharma say about Bhuwan KC and Anmol KC?

Actress Pooja Sharma talked about actor Bhuwan KC and Anmol KC in one of her interviews. But, when the interview was published, a misleading title was published causing the mother of Anmol KC, Sushmita KC to express her dissatisfaction.

Here is the screenshot of what went around in the internet.

Sushmita seems to be in a hurry to respond to things. It was not the first time she has done so. She had expressed her anger against a journalist at the time of the release of her movie. The she also wrote hate words against Bhuwan KC a while ago. Now, she is defending Bhuwan KC.

The title of course is misleading, and it makes sense when Sushmita responded by the following statement:

I would like to suggest Pooja Sharma to please think before you speak..Yesterday aako challa haru besi chu chu gareko ramro hunna…how dare u say Bhuwan KC bhaagya ley chaleyko.?…I think u were not even born when he had given super hit Movies like SAMJHANA n KUSUME RUMAL..Bhuwan K.C’s name will be written with Golden Words in Nepali Film History…do u know that…??…he has sacrificed his Entire life for Nepali movies…Personal life j sukkai hos but we all have to Respect him as an Actor n a maker…more than 40 years he has spent in this industry…K bhagya ley maatrai ho…??…Then kehi paani chaina ho…??…Aafu bhanda Senior legends haru ko kaam ko ani naam ko respect garnu siknu hai Pooja…successful hunu ko mool mantra nai tehi ho…besi umleyko ramro hunna Nani

In response Pooja Sharma wrote:

If your heart has peace nothing can disturb you. My clarification: sometimes u r blamed or misread for nothing. As u can see the headlines below. Yeah I can understand journalists wants their headlines to b clicked right away. But tht sometimes makes us guilty for nothing. All I want to say is…plzzzzz read it completely before u comment any remarks.. as there is saying don’t judge the book by its cover… having said tht..nd I have no grudge with anybody… I wish everybody for their betterment… luv u all…and I respect

What is the truth about Pooja Sushmita scandal?

In an interview by Forseenetwork, Pooja was asked, “Who are the three artists you think are lucky?”

Pooja’s answer was, “I think Anmol KC is lucky. Bhuwan KC is also lucky for being the top actor in the film industry….”

Watch the interview video:

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