Why did Rajesh Hamal take Dashain tika on the next day

The biggest festival in Nepal, Dashain, is celebrated for a long time. Navaratri starts on Ghatasthapana and runs for nine days to Dashain Tika. Tika also extends to 5 more days to visit places and receive Dashain Tika. Because of this flexibility, actor Rajesh Hamal waits a day before he starts taking Dashain Tika. That is because his mother had died on Dashain Tika and he performs the traditional Hindu rituals on the day, Shradha, and don’t take tika.

Video Report:

rajesh hamal dashain tika 20158

Although, some people believe that, one can take Tika after the traditional rituals, Rajesh prefers to wait a day to take Tika.

In the past years, Rajesh used to go to the USA to celebrate Dashain and Tihar with his sisters. This year, because of NRN conference in Kathmandu his sister and her husband, Khagendra Chhetri, were in Kathmandu. He received tika from Khagendra and his mother’s maternal aunt.

Like other celebrities, Rajesh Hamal also shared the photo of Dashain celebration in Facebook. In the photos Rajesh is seen in traditional dress. His wife, Madhu Bhattarai, was with him in the celebration.

Rajesh is planning to go to the USA for performances including at Salt Lake City in the time between Dashain and Tihar. The cultural program also features various other artists (details is given by Rajesh Hamal at the end of the video attached above).

Full profile of Rajesh Hamal and the list of his movie is available in the linked page.

Here are the photos Rajesh Hamal shared in his Facebook:

rajesh hamal dashain tika 20151

rajesh hamal dashain tika 20152

rajesh hamal dashain tika 20153

rajesh hamal dashain tika 20154

rajesh hamal dashain tika 20157

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