Nepali Artists Dashain in foreign countires

UPDATE: Rishi Dhamal’s Dashain in Canada and Ratan Subedi’s Dashain in Australia (at the end of this post).

Wherever people go, they take their culture with them. Nepali people are no exception. Nepal people all over the world celebrated Dashain Tika on October 22, 2015. I shared some photos of Nepali artists celebrating Dashain in my previous post. Now, it is time to share photos of Dashain celebration in places out of Nepal. Although, every Nepali have celebrated Dashain, I will only share photos of Nepali artists. This post will be updated if I find more artists celebrating Dashain in countries other than Nepal.

Prakriti Shrestha, Nepali actress in Australia

Nepali actress Prakriti Shrestha had gone to Australia after marrying Sudeep Neupane in July of 2014. The ‘Hostel’ actress was considered one of the new actresses with a lot of potential in Nepali film industry. But, Prakriti quietly married and left the country. (Watch ‘Hostel’ here)

prakriti shrestha in australia with husband australia

Nepali actresses in USA

Actresses Pooja Chand (Pooja R Lama), Richa Ghimire, Nisha Sunar, Manju Rayamajhi, and Arunima Lamsal after Dashain tika in the USA. These actresses were also in Richa’s place to take Tika from Richa Ghimire’s mother, who is currently visiting her daughter (see the photos and details in Nepaliactress). Singer Nisha Sunar was in Baltimore for Dashain celebration. (Nisha lives in Salt Lake City).

Group photo at Richa Ghimire’s home, after Dashain Tika:

Marriage of Raj Ballav Koirala’s sister

Actor Raj Ballav Koirala‘s Dashain this year was very special. His sister got married on the auspicious day. Raj Ballav’s parents had also gone to the USA for the special ceremony. Following is a photo of Raj Ballav after Dashain Tika.

Following photo is taken at the mehandi ceremony a day before the marriage of Raj Ballav’s sister. Actress Richa Ghimire and Raj Ballav Koirala are seen. (photo credit Richa Ghimire).

Manoj Adhikari in Sydney, Australia

The director of ‘Ritu’, Manoj Adhikari also celebrated Dashain in Australia. Here is a photo of Manoj with his wife after Dashain Tika. (watch ‘Ritu’ here)

Dhruba Dutta in UK

This year, actor Dhruba Dutta‘s was a special Dashain. In addition to Dashain Tika, it was also the birthday of his wife, Ratna. Here is a photo of Dhruba with his wife after receiving Dashain Tika.

Priyanka Karki flies to Australia

In this Dashain, actress Priyanaka Karki had left country to visit Australia on the very day. After participating in a Dashain event in Jhapa, Priyanka returned Kathmandu and left for Darwin, Australia. At the time of this writing Priyanka has just updated her status that she has reached the destination Brisbane after completing her program in Darwin.

Photographer Rajiv Shrestha in USA

Glamour photographer, Rajiv Shrestha, is currently in USA. He celebrated Dashain festival with his mother and brother Rajesh Shrestha at Germantown, Maryland.

Comedy actor Ratana Subedi in Australia

A resident of Baltimore, USA, comedy actor Ratan Subedi had celebrated this year’s Dashain in Australia. He was visiting his daughter who lives in Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia with her husband. In addition to offering Dashin Tika to their daughter and son-in-law, Ratan his wife also offered tika to other Nepali living in the area. Here are some photos of Ratan Subedi’s Dashain Tika, 2015.

Rishi Dhamala’s Dashain in Canada

Although journalist Rishi Dhamala is not an artist, technically, he entertains the people no less than any artists. Although most of the people hats Rishi, they also love to listen him when he interviews people. Rishi interviews every type of people including artists and politicians. This year, Rishi had gone to Canada to be with his model wife (Aliza Dhamala) and his daughter in Dashain.

While offering tika to Dhamala his father-in-law wished Rishi Dhamala to be the president of Nepal in future. Here are photos of Dashain celebration in Canada:

Dhamala daughter received the first Dashain Tika this year. When I shared this photo in Twitter, Twitter friends joked about Dhamala’s questions might have made the child cry (one of the tweets is embedded at the end).

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