Why did Yama Buddha’s wife Asmita Sedhai delete everything in her Facebook profile?

Asmita Sedhai, the wife of late Anil Adhikari aka Yama Buddha, has deleted everything (or hidden) in her Facebook profile. Earlier when I visited her profile it had a number of photos and status updates. But, when I visited it today, everything is gone and the profile is clean with only one post – posted on the new year.

It is very sad time for Asmita and she should be going through a very hard time because:

  • Her beloved husband has passed a fortnight ago.
  • Worst, he had committed suicide.
  • Even worst, that was in the bathroom of her parental home.

May be that is the reason, she has tried to run away from the questions. In this situation, Asmita and her family should at least have contacted and talked to media and told the truth.

What is expected from Asmita Sedhai?

  • There is a huge fan base of the deceased celebrity, Yama Buddha. They need to hear from her relatives what had happened. Not speaking is not the solution.
  • The only witness details that was released in media is from a guy named Roshan Bhattarai. But, in a UK newspaper report is different from Roshan’s report.
  • His fans deserve the details of the truth.

Watch the video report about the statements:

Asmita’s Facebook now:

Who is Asmita ?

The question stated in the title couldn’t be answered yet.

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