2018 – Artists we lost in 2017, Bina Thapa, Yama Buddha and others

UPDATE: Year in review video report:

The video features the last scene of Bishnu Bhakta Phuyal when he fell down and was rushed to hospital.

The year started with the sad demise of Bishnu Bhakta Phuyal. The death of senior comedy actor, aged 80, was sudden and surprising as he was performing on-stage while he died. Phuyal died on January 3, 2017 on stage at Rastriya Naachghar. He was pronounced dead when he was rushed to the hospital from the stage. (Read full report and video report here)

In the second week of the year, another sad news came from UK. On January 14 well known an young singer, Anil Adhikari, popularly known as Yama Buddha was found dead at the bathroom of his residence in UK. The singer’s death had been one of the saddest incident of the year.
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Yama Buddha wife Asmita Sedhai mourning at his home on 13th day of mourning

Asmita Sedhai, the wife the deceased rapper, Yama Buddha, was found at his home on the 13th day of mourning held at his house in Maitidevi. Wearing traditional white clothes for a widow, Asmita wasn’t happy by the media gossip about her and her husband Yama Buddha.

The family members told that Asmita had arrived Nepal on the day before the body of Yama Buddha, Anil Adhikari, was brought to Nepal. Although Asmita didn’t go to the Pragya Bhawan, the family members told that she had gone to the Pashupati Arya Ghat during the cremation of the body.
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Yama Buddha’s most popular song Saathi (video, lyrics and translation)

One of the most popular songs of Yama Buddha was titled ‘Sathi’. I am presenting the song lyrics and the video. For those who don’t understand Nepali, I have also included a translated version of the song.

My coverage on the deceased rap singer of Nepal:

Sathi music video:

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Why did Yama Buddha’s wife Asmita Sedhai delete everything in her Facebook profile?

Asmita Sedhai, the wife of late Anil Adhikari aka Yama Buddha, has deleted everything (or hidden) in her Facebook profile. Earlier when I visited her profile it had a number of photos and status updates. But, when I visited it today, everything is gone and the profile is clean with only one post – posted on the new year.

It is very sad time for Asmita and she should be going through a very hard time because:

  • Her beloved husband has passed a fortnight ago.
  • Worst, he had committed suicide.
  • Even worst, that was in the bathroom of her parental home.

May be that is the reason, she has tried to run away from the questions. In this situation, Asmita and her family should at least have contacted and talked to media and told the truth.

What is expected from Asmita Sedhai?

  • There is a huge fan base of the deceased celebrity, Yama Buddha. They need to hear from her relatives what had happened. Not speaking is not the solution.
  • The only witness details that was released in media is from a guy named Roshan Bhattarai. But, in a UK newspaper report is different from Roshan’s report.
  • His fans deserve the details of the truth.

Watch the video report about the statements:

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Who is Yama Buddha’s wife Asmita Sedhai?

Asmita Sedhai, the wife of late Anil Adhikari (Yama Buddha) wasn’t seen at the last rituals held in Pashupati Aryaghat on January 28, 2016. Anil Adhikari was living at Asmita’s parental home in London at the time of his death. He was found dead at their bathroom in the morning of January 14.

Who is Anil Adhikari’s wife?

Asmita Sedai is a 25 years old UK resident girl of Nepali origin. She married Nepali rap singer Anil Adhikari, popularly known as Yama Buddha in 2013. After marriage, Yama Buddha went to UK in a dependent visa in 2014.

Marriage photo:

Yama Buddha family. Left – mother, father, and Anil Adhikari. Right – Resh Marahatta, his sister and his wife  Asmita at the end.

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Yama Buddha death, cremated at Pashupati Aryaghat

The question “Why did Yama Buddha committed suicide?” is still unanswered (at least, officially). The official report – post mortem report says that Anil Adhikari, Yama Buddha, had committed suicide. Although there was injuries in his jaws and he had taken some wine – there were no signs of anybody doing any foul play. The police has done the investigation and has rule out any issues.

But, a lot of conspiracy theories are going around. I think the story presented in the following video makes the most sense.

Yama Buddha Body brought to Nepal

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Yama Buddha body arriving Kathmandu on Saturday

The deceased singer Yama Buddha, Anil Adhikari’s body being brought to Kathmandu on January 28, 2017 for the last rituals. The arrival is scheduled at 3:00 PM via Etihad Airlines.

Anil’s body will be kept in Pragya Bhawan for public display and last goodbye. In the evening of the same day, the last rituals will be conducted at Pashupati Aryaghat.

Yama Buddha report in Dailymail

The report published online in the UK newspaper, Dailymail, has created a controversy about who saw Anil Adhikari for the first time in the bathroom. In earlier report a guy living in the house, Roshan Bhattarai, had claimed that he had seen Anil in the bathroom for the first time.
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Yama Buddha, Nepali rapper found dead in his London home

In a very sad news, Nepali popular rapper Yama Buddha was found in his London home. The 29 years old Anil Adhikari, popularly known as Yama Buddha, was one of the most famous celebrity in Nepal.

I am extra sad because, few hours before his death, I was making a video about him. In the list of top 10 Facebook celebrities, Yama Buddha was the only male Nepali celebrity. All others were female celebrities. I uploaded the video in YouTube (watch the video at the end of this post) went to the bed. I woke up to the news that the same Yama Buddha had committed suicide. Here is the news video:

I am really sad and I was literally crying while making the video above. I don’t want to write more here. I will try to update this post later.

RIP Yama Buddha.
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