Why are erotic carvings made on Nepali Temples ?

nepal-temple-carvings While Nepal Government is trying to block access to websites containing nudity, our age-old temples had been featuring such images throughout Kathmandu valley.

Although the exact and official reason for the carvings is not known, various experts have given different opinions. Some of the reasons are listed below:


Hinduism considers sex one of the most important parts of human life. Sex was never a taboo during the ancient period. Many believe the erotic carving on the temples are meant for sex education.

Kama (defined as materialistic living, that includes sex) is one of the four paths suggested in Hinduism to merge with Brahma or to escape from Moksha (rebirth). That might be the reason, such sculptures are seen on Hindu temple along with other sculptures depicting materialistic aspects of life.

Hinduism and Buddhism conflict

In the ancient time, when Buddhism had become more popular and it started devouring Hinduism during the start of the first millennium, Hindu leaders started to get worried. Buddhism teach people to remain unmarried for life.

When many people started to remain unmarried, there was a risk of decline in population. In contrast to the rigid Buddhist way of life, Hindu sages wanted to convey the message that Hinduism is not that rigid and that it is more about life than shying out of it.

Increasing Population

Some believe that the temple carving were meant to help people engage in sex and increase the much needed work force. When people started to work a lot and forget about copulation, such sculptures were erected to remind their duties.


Some believe it is nothing more than the luxury of the ancient Hindu kings. The Hindu kings of ancient times were noted for their extravagance and hence, some scholars believe that the sculptures were part this luxury.

Safety of temples

In ancient times Muslim rulers destroy temples when they capture kingdoms and cities. It was believed, Muslim people detest nudity and won’t come near the the temples when erotic carvings were made on them and hence, will be saved.

Some people also believe such sculptures will keep the bad spirits out of the temples and will safeguard the god living inside.

Sex education

Some other believe, the people in the ancient times didn’t know the proper way of engaging in sex. They didn’t have the communication mediums that we have today. So, the artists created sculptures and erected in temples to teach them how it is done.

Lightning Safety

Lightning, according to Hindu belief, is god Kumari (Virgin Goddess). If sexual sculptures are posted in temples, Lightning God will feel shy to visit the place and won’t strike. A few ancient writings confirm the logic but modern-day experts don’t agree with the logic as all the temples don’t have such erotic sculptures and there is a record of lightning strike on the temple with erotic sculptures.

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  1. During the ancient time there was no any means of entertainment like tv, Internet etc. so for the sake of fun and luxury kings used this medium of sex as entertaining themselves.

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