Will Nepal Government Block Access to Temples?

nudity-in-temple-carvings In response to our post Explicit websites blocked in Nepal, an international research group has shown interest on monitoring the website blockage in Nepal.

It’s very important that we work to preserve the Internet as a medium of Free Expression and the first step is exposing and stopping governments from engaging in unlawful censorship.

The quote above is taken from an email from the research group. We will talk about it in details, with their permission, in future.

When talking about nudity and explicit contents, these things were never foreign to the people in Nepal. Many temples in Nepal have such carvings of people and animals engaged in sexual acts. These age old carvings were always open to public and the people were proud about the openness.

As a kid, when I used to temple to go to temples our my mother and sisters, they used to try helping me not to look up. It was such an attempt that I was compelled to look at those nude carvings on the tundals. Initially, they didn’t make sense but later when I could understand them I started to try avoiding looking at them (yes, when people were around).

Now, when our government has started banning the sites, I am wondering if they will ban the access to those temples as well. For example,

Some temples in Kathmandu are decorated with wooden carvings, that western temples would not dare to display. (source)

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