Bhuwan KC’s son Anamol to walk on his father’s steps

bhuwankcThe youngest son of Bhuwan KC is going to act in a movie with his father. Bhuwan KC and his son Anamol will act as father and son in a home production movie called ‘Sathi ma Timro’.

Bhuwan wanted at least one of his siblings to work in films for which he has found Anamol interested and capable. His older son Bivek and daughter Kajol are studying in the US.

Anamol KC is studying in grade 10 and is appearing in SLC exam this year. Apart from acting Anamol is also interested in singing. He likes to sing rock and pop songs.


Anamol’s debut movie will be directed by Shiva Regmi and is based on the story of Bikash Acharya and Brajesh Khanal. Rekha Thapa and Richa Ghimire are chosen to lead in actresses role and Sambujit Baskota will compose music for the movie. The movie is scheduled to start shooting in a week. (source – nagariknews)

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