Yaha Desh Ko Cha Chinta – Ayushman Desraj Joshi

The title is borrowed from a song: The singer complains his better half’s nagging about love as he is more worried about the country.

Actress Priyanka Karki is in Cannes to participate in the Red Carpet shows of some of the films. Her to-be-husband, Ayushman Desraj Joshi is in Thailand. Ayushman has expressed his love for the country in trio-posts in his Instagram. I found them interesting and am sharing them here.

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Since we’re on a roll of viral posts of people not being people and acting like absolute animals going around throwing acid on people’s faces, character assaults of Miss Nepals, treating any and every person who is sort of famous as a vessel of hate and people just generally being mean to other people, I feel it is high time we all realize that with all the good that we so desperately are waiting around for (And oh so desperately are in need of) in the nation, we’re only just headed backwards into what I would like to call the ‘Tatti Express’. Okay, let me explain what the ‘Tatti Express’ is first, it is basically a train that just keeps going round and round in an endless loop with machines fit strategically under your assorted seats that shoots shit on your face while you enjoy the most majestic view of the mountains. And to all of us that are intentionally or even obliviously doing something to get our way out of this shit show, we’re only being pulled back onto our seats by social norms, family pressure or just the shame of being a little different from the rest who’re happy as two pigs in shit with feces being fed straight onto their faces. Oh and the ride is free if you’re ever wondering to get on board it. All aboard the ‘Tatti Express’, choo-chooing it’s way around the flat lands to the mountains in the Himalayas. I know it may be a little too sensitive of a subject to a lot of you easily butt hurt jingoistic bunch (the ones that enjoy the shit show) but hey, not all of us really like it here. So the point of this overly long post is that if the grass is greener on the other side and you’re sick and tired of the ‘Tatti Express’, it is quite natural for a lot of us who have it in them to change the situation in this ride to book a ticket to another ride which may cost a bucket load and the waiting line may be a little too long but ultimately, we will leave! This only exit on the train that I have just explained is called ‘Brain Drain’ – /ˈbrān ˌdrān/ (noun) The emigration of highly trained or intelligent people from a particular country or a train according to my hypothesis. And you ask yourself why the country goes no where.

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These long and interesting thoughts were probably because of the heat Thailand has to offer now.

I am not sure if these posts have any hidden meaning in terms of his relationship or plans. Two days ago Ayushman had written about Priyanka’s participation in Cannes festival.

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You thing of absolute beauty, I am so very proud of You. Two hours and you land in France now and I wanted to share an appreciation post for you. All that you have wished for and more will always be knocking on your door, may you be ever ready to take what the world has to offer. Shine, out shine every star with the Love that you have inside you and you will always have every road you need to tread clear for you to travel. And if there ever may come a day that you cannot take what the world has to offer or if the roads are too long and dark that you cannot see, I promise to stand by you through it all because You are absolutely worth it! 🌟❤️ And you say you’re lucky to have me pfft! 😒

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