Yuna Upreti gives birth to a daughter in USA

Nepali actress in USA, Yuna Upreti, has given birth to a healthy daughter in USA. The actress of the early 2010s, Yuna had gone to the USA in 2012.

Video report:

Who is Yuna Upreti?

Yuna Upreti went to the USA to participate in a cultural program in 2012. Before leaving Nepal, Yuna was all set to meet Bikash Adhikari, a PhD student in Texas at that time and get married. After they met and the marriage date was fixed and in about four months of the meeting they got married in the court.

Yuna left the Nepali film industry and started living in the USA with her husband and his family. In the mean time, Bikash Adhikari has completed his PhD in bio-chemistry. That is the reason Yuna calls him Doc.

Yuna’s half a decade in Nepali film industry resulted in movies like Trishul, Farz, Pahilo Pahilo Maya, Lawaris and others. (watch Yuna’s moves here)

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