Shankar BC and Nisha Sunar become parents to a daughter in the USA

Singer Nisha Sunar has given birth to a daughter in the USA on March 10, 2014. The little girl named Shanisha BC, is born in the USA while the father, Shankar BC, is in Nepal.

Shankar bc and nisha sunar daughter Shanisha BC born March 11 (3)

Shankar BC still married to his previous wife married Nisha Sunar secretly. The information about the marriage was revealed only when Nisha went to the USA. Nisha had posted the photos of her third marriage in her Facebook profile and Shankar had also stated about the upcoming birth of his daughter.

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Nepali actresses’ first child – daughters

In Nepali movie industry, it is seen that, most of the actresses give birth to a daughter as their first child. A Nepali movie related online media, filmykhabar, has collected a data of Nepali actresses who have already become mothers. It is surprising to find that majority of them have daughter as their first child. Not only the current mothers, to be mother like Arunima Lamsal is also expecting a daughter.

bhuwan_chand_three_daughtersBhuwan Chand with her husband and three daughters

Let’s see who are those actresses and their daughters:

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