Path to Miss World 2018, How to qualify for semi finals?

How can Shrinkhala go to semi finals of Miss World 2018? Here is the answer:

There are six contests. Only one of them has already completed – top model competition. In that contest, Shrinkhala was one of the Top 32. Remaining 5 contests are:

  • Head to Head Challenge
  • Talent
  • Sports
  • Multimedia Award
  • Beauty with a purpose

The three possible competitions she might win are Head to Head challenge, Multimedia award and Beauty with Purpose.

15 contestants will be selected by these competitions. There is a high chance that she gets more than one titles. If she wins more than one, she will be considered to be possible winner.

Shrinkhala has also given the details in her Instagram posts:


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Still thrilled that Nepal made it to the top 30 of top model!! I consider ramp modeling as one of my weaknesses and to be chosen as a semi finalist amongst the best representatives from all around the world was exciting! After what happened during the best designer round, I buckled up and thought that I’d give my best for top model, I smiled and went on with full confidence. When the name was announced later, I was almost in disbelief. It meant a lot more because of what had happened earlier 😊 And to everyone who are unknown to miss world, top model is one of the many fast track events that make us qualify for the semi finals. Only one winner from each challenge qualifies. We have multimedia, head to head challenge and beauty with a purpose, which I consider as our country’s biggest strengths! 😊 There will be 30 in the semi final. 10 through head to head challenge. 1 multimedia winner 1 beauty with a purpose winner 1 talent winner and 1 sports winner. 15 spots are judges choice. So, don’t worry guys. We’re doing excellent so far! Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. They’ve been helping me a lot ❤️🙏 I love you all so much!! #missnepal2018 #missworld2018 #missnepal #missworld #mnformw #bwap #journeytomissworld

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From the top model competition! ❤️ The one rule that I’m following right now is to enjoy every moment. I used to be petrified to walk on ramps and yet, even after what happened at best designer round, it didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying the lights, audience and camera! Perspective is everything. Accidents happen. You can’t change it. The best that you can do is buckle up and give your absolute best in your journey ahead. So glad to have made into the top model Semis. ❤️ The Miss World crew later congratulated me for handling the situation with grace. Thank you Nepal for your love so far. I am constantly amused to see the amount of faith you all have in me. I’ll make sure to not repeat such blunders again. Thank you again! 🤗 Thank you for the pictures @missworld Wearing @angeleyefashion. The dress looked even more gorgeous on stage with all the lights 😊 #missnepal2018 #missworld2018 #bwap #mnformw #missnepal #missworld #journeytomissworld

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