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6 Responses to Komal Oli press conference photos – August 2010

  1. shambhu tajpuriya says:


  2. kumar gurung says:


    al oli

  3. laxman rai says:

    hi komal oli hajur bihe vaiyoki vakko 6oina

  4. Anil limbu says:

    Indian nepali love you i am form state manipur district senapati

  5. Nirkumarshrestha says:

    Kamal oli

  6. moti yata sade says:

    yea i would help her promote her album this is only talking piont that is nothing no one capable to issue on religious topics in nepal no one seems holy man all seems sinking in hell, media men u are not fit for bit your drums mind your business thats all do not interfer to nepali ladies, act against corruption n wild political leaders in nepal cabinet accordingly.

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