#10YearsChallenge Nepali actress, Nepali models and others

This is a new trend in the social media – to showcase how much you have changed in the past decade.

The photos taken in 2009 qualifies for the 10 year challenge. It give a glimpse of how much you have changed in the decade. In my opinion, this is a perfect way of looking back to your life and evaluate some of the most important things in your life:

It’s not only photo that can be used for the 10 years challenge. We can do it for some of the following few:

  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Income
  • Asset growth
  • Knowledge growth
  • Change in priority

You can also take a look at what you had dreamt of being and what you have become.

Let’s see some of the 10 years challenge photos:

Priyanka Karki

Actress and Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi in 2009 and 2019

Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba in 10 years:

Miss Nepal 2000 Usha Khadki is still hot and fit after two decades of being crowned the Miss nepal.

The first Miss Nepal Universe – Nagma Shrestha hasn’t changed much in 10 years.

Another photos of Priyanka Karki with her brother

And, Priyanka Karki in New York ..

I will update this post with more actresses as soon as I can get hold of them. If you find more please share in comment. Thank you.

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