Reecha Sharam couldn’t find the medicine of heartache (admitted to hospital)

Two days ago, Reecha wrote in Twitter “If there were were a medicine of heart ache, it would be a bestseller.” The next day, she was rushed to a hospital and was admitted for “pain in her heart”.

It seems, she wasn’t just making up a witty saying, but, literally having pain in her heart:

Video report:

Reecha Sharma is one of the most talented and versatile actress on Nepali film industry. She takes risk in going a step further in experimenting with her roles in movies.

This was New Year wish of Reecha:

And she also likes social work:

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कठ्याङ्ग्रिदो जाडोमा आकाशलाई छत बनाएर एकदम नै सानो उमेरका भाइ बहिनीहरु, सुत्केरी महिलाहरू, वृद्ध आमाबुवाहरु चिसो भुइँलाई ओछ्यान बनाएर सुत्न बाध्य छन्। हामी टन्न लुगा लगाएर कोठा भित्र बस्दा त एकदम चिसो भयो भनेर गुनासो गर्छौं भने वहाँहरुको अवस्था कस्तो होला भनेर कल्पना गर्दा पनि मुटु काप्छ। एउटा अनुरोध, सडकपेटीमा कोहि यस्तो अवस्थामा भेट्नु भयो भने कृपया नदेखेको जस्तो गरेर नहिँडिदिनु होला। आफुले सक्दो सहयोग गरेर मानवको धर्म मानवता निभाऔं। Thanks to @octavekathmandu and @Treekon band for making this possible. @rautbhawana and the amazing team!!

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And, an indication that something is not going right :

And, Reecha missed somebody in mentioning this post:

Get well soon Reecha Sharma!

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