Bipana Thapa, Nepali movie actress

The movies featuring Bipana Thapa in xnepali are:

Nepali Movie – Mamata (Rajesh Hamal, Rekha Thapa, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Barmala (Description only)
Nepali Movie – Kahin Milan Kahin Bichhod (Sushil Chhetri, Bipana, Jal Shah, Gauri)
Nepali Movie – Doman (Dilip Rayamajhi, Bipana, Saranga)
Nepali Movie – Nagad Narayan (Rajesh Hamal, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali movie – Chhoro (just description)
Nepali Movie – Pareli (Rajesh Hamal, Ramesh upreti, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Chunauti (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Apsara (Sanchita Luitel, Ramesh Upreti, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Manai Ta Ho (Ramesh Upreti, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Bidrohi
Nepali Movie – Sagun (Shiva Shrestha, Bipana Thapa, Juli Thapa, Rabi Basnet)
Nepali movie – Manish
Nepali Movie – Mailee
Nepali Movie – Mato Bolcha
Nepali Movie – Bahadur
Nepali movie – Chor
Nepali Movie – Sangam
Nepali Movie – Anath (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Friend (Sathi)
Nepali Movie – Papi
Nepali Movie – Shankar
Nepali Movie – Jeet
Nepali Movie – Pyari Bahini
Nepali Movie – Janmabhumi
Nepali Movie – Ram Balaram
Nepali Movie – Beimani
Nepali Movie – Dulaha Raja Dulahi Rani
Nepali Movie – Mamaghar
Nepali Movie – Pardeshi
Nepali Movie – Dharmaputra
Nepali Movie – Timro Maya 99 Mero Maya 100
Nepali Movie – Garib
Nepali Movie – Shadyantra
Nepali Movie – Jeevan Rekha
Khyal Khyalaima – Nepali Movie
Nepali Movie – Arjun
Nepali movie – Shiva Shakti (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Dharma Sankat
Nepali Movie – Gaule
Nepali Movie – Aafno Manche
Nepali movie – Taa Ta Sarai Bigrish Ni Badri

Bipana Thapa is one of the most successful actresses in Nepali film industry. She started her acting career in a movie named ‘Janmabhumi’ in 1995. In her acting career, Bipana has acted in more than 100 movies.

Apart from acting, Bipana was also running a fashion store named Bipanaz Boutique, located at Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu. Bipana’s love for fashion designing helped her to also work as the designer in some of the films she had worked as an actress.

In 2008, Bipana married an Indian national. The wedding party was held at Hotel Annapurna on April 27, 2008. After the marriage, Bipana left Nepal with her husband and had stopped acting in movies. In her home in India, she gave birth to a son and is living as a responsible housewife and a mother.

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UPDATE: After the April 2015 earthquake, Bipana had also arrived in Kathmandu with earthquake relief materials for the victims. According to a report in Nepaliactress the relief materials were loaded in three trucks and also included a mini-truck of medicine for the victims.

Biography of Hari Bamsha Acharya

Most of the comedy videos featuring Hari Bamsha and Madan Krishna (MaHa) are posted in the comedy page in the blog. List of movies featuring Hari Bamsha Acharya:

Nepali Movie – Basudev
MaHa Comedy – Dr. Sunita
MaHa Comedy – Abhinandan
MaHa Comedy – Syabaas (All 6 Episodes)
MaHa Comdey – Dhuwa
Nepali Movie – Je Bho Ramrai Bho
Nepali Comedy – Tikeko Teen Mantra
Nepali Movie – Hansi Deu Ek Fera
Maha comedy – Jalpari
MaHa Comedy – Dhalmati
MaHa Comedy – Wrong Number
Dhan Prasad 1- MaHa Comedy, Feb. 26, 2010
Comedy – Shraddha (MaHa)
Nepali movie – Taa Ta Sarai Bigrish Ni Badri

Hari Bansha Acharya, one of the MaHa-duo, was born to Homanjaya Acharya and Ganesh Kumari on 27th Kartik 2014 BS (9th October 1958) in Gairidhara, Kathmandu. In 2040 BS he married Meera Acharya with whom he has two sons, Trilok Acharya and Mohit Acharya.

He started his entertainment career with a performance in Radio Nepal with Hari Prasad Rimal and Jitendra Mahat Avilashi in 2031 BS. He joined Rastriya Naach Ghar, a theater in Kathmandu, in 2032. His solo performance in the Gaijatra Mahotsav of 2034 BS was the first successful event before partnering with Madan Krishna Shrestha. Hari Bamsha is an expert in caricature and his combination with Madan Krishna Shrestha has been very successful in Nepali comedy for the last three decades.  Continue reading

Biography of Madan Krishna Shrestha

Most of the comedy videos featuring Madan Krishna and Hari Bamsha are posted in the comedy page in the blog. Movies of Madan Krishna Shrestha:

Nepali Movie – Truck Driver (Karishma, Shiva Shrestha, Shree Krishna)
MaHa comedy – London Airport Part 2 (Just description)
Nepali Movie – Basudev
Maha Comedy – Lal Purja (only details)
MaHa comedy – Kantipur
MaHa Comedy – Dr. Sunita
MaHa Comedy – Abhinandan
MaHa Comedy – Syabaas (All 6 Episodes)
MaHa Comdey – Dhuwa
Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha
Nepali Comedy – Tikeko Teen Mantra
Maha Comedy – Santatiko Lagi
Nepali Movie – Hansi Deu Ek Fera
Nepali Comedy – Dashain by MaHa jodi
Newari Movie – Silu (1987)
MaHa Comedy – Left Right Left
Maha comedy – Jalpari
MaHa Comedy – MaHa Dohori
MaHa comedy – Laxmi
MaHa Comedy – Dhalmati
MaHa Comedy – Sugandhapur
MaHa Comedy – Pathshala
MaHa Comedy – Wrong Number
Dhan Prasad 1- MaHa Comedy, Feb. 26, 2010
Nepali Comedy – Nata (MaHa)
Nepali Comedy – Bigyapan (MaHa)
MaHa Comedy – SLC
MaHa Comedy – Raat
Nepali Movie – Balidaan
MaHa – Chiranjivi
MaHa comedy – Paramdham
MaHa Comdey – 216777 (Bhoot)
Comedy – Shraddha (MaHa)

Madan Krishna Shrestha, one of the MaHa-duo, was born to Ram Krishna Lal Shrestha and Laxmi Devi Shrestha on 7th Baishakh 2007 BS ( 19th April 1950) in Jitpur Phedi, Kathmandu. In 2031 BS he married Yeshoda Shrestha with whom he has a son, Yaman Shrestha, and a daughter, Shrana Shrestha. Madan Krishna Shrestha lives in Dhobidhara, Kathmandu with his family.

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Nepali Movie – Durga

Nepali film – Durga
Starring Biraj Bhatta, Rekha thapa, Ramit Dhungana, Rejina Upreti, Dinesh DC, Sushil Pokharel, Rajendra Khadgi etc.
Direction Shovit Basnet

Nepali film ‘Durga’ is a presentation of Suraj Pradhan for Jalma Cine Makers Pvt. Ltd. The movie features the story by Bikash Acharya, lyrics of Dayaram Pandey, music of Suresh Adhikari, cinematography of Deepak Bantawa, choreography of Raju Shah / Kamal Rai, action of Rajendra Khadgi and produced by Rosha Pradhan.
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Prachanda dances while Rekha Thapa sings

CPN Maoist are protesting for “people’s supremacy” and their own supremacy in the government for the last few days. Yesterday, they were encircling Singh Durbar, the government headquarter. More than 100 thousand people were brought in Kathmandu for the event. One person died when a bus carrying the protestors to Kathmandu met with an accident. The protest was mostly peaceful except an incident of clash with the police at one location. The protestor were dancing on street as usual.


In yesterday’s event film artists were also present to support the protest. A rare sight – Maoist supreme Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) was dancing on a song “Lalu-pate nughyo bhui tira …” sung by one of the leading actress of Nepali movies, Rekha Thapa.

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Top 10 countries to travel in 2010 – Nepal

If you ask me, I would always say Nepal is the best place in earth. :) Well, I am a Nepali but I am not alone – there are many who think so.

Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide-book and digital media publisher in the world, has prepared a list of top 10 countries to travel in 2010. It is good to know that Nepal is one of them.

It is not clear what ranking Nepal is in in the list but it sure is good to know people think Nepal one of the best places in the world. Some news sites like Nepalnews said Nepal was 6th in the ranking – which is not true. The countries are listed alphabetically and hence Nepal is sixth in the publication. That doesn’t mean Nepal is sixth in ranking. It can be first or can also be tenth.

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