Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha

Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha
StarringShree Krishna Shrestha, Jharana Thapa, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Mithila Sharma, Keshav Bhattarai, Shrisha Karki etc.
DirectorShiva Regmi

The Nepali movie ‘Sukha Dukha’ is a presentation of Cine Kala Movies by Birendra Narayan Shrestha. The movie is directed by late director Shiva Regmi. Produced by Prabh Shreatha and Suraj Pradhan, the movie is also written by Shiva Regmi himself. The movie is made on a heart touching story on a social drama featuring the clash between the three generations of a family.

Tulsi Ghimire and Jaya Prakash Rijal are the guest artists in the movie and Sanjog Shrestha is featured as a child artist. Other notable artists in the movie include Ramchandra Adhikari, Birendra Hamal and Sushil Pokharel. Cinematography by Sambhu Sapkota, music by Sambhujit Baskota,

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Credit – Hi Tech Entertainment.

Star cast:

Shree Krishna Shrestha – The late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha had died on the day after the release of his last movie ‘Khonoor’ in 2014. Shree had married actress Sweta Khadka a month before his death. Sweta Khadka mourned the death for a long time and she is still recovering from the shock of his death. Read the profile and full list of movies by Shree Krishna in the following link:

Jharana Thapa – Actress Jharana Thapa, the wife of film producer Sunil Kumar Thapa, is also a well known actress in the Nepali film industry. The mother of a grown up daughter still looks young and is featured as a young girl in movie. In addition to acting in movies, she also produces movie in association with her husband. Read the profile and the full list of movies by Jharana in the following link.

Mithila Sharma – One of the best actress and a great dancer, Mithila Sharma, had married ex-police chief Motilal Bohora in 2014 at the age of 50. Mithila’s biography is coming soon.

Madan Krishna Shrestha – One of the popular comedy MaHa duo, Madan Krishna is considered the top comedy actor and a top social worker in Nepal. Madan Krishna has acted in various movies, television serials and stage shows. MaHa’s biography and list of movies is coming soon.

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