Durga 2, one more sequel to be made by Shovit Basnet

The makers of the hit movie released on 2063 BS, ‘Durga’ have announced a sequel movie titled ‘Durga 2’ to be made soon. The producer and the director of the original movie, Suraj Pradhan and Shovit Basnet respectively will repeat in ‘Durga 2’. The director Basnet had told that the team is currently busy in the music composition and script writing.

durga 2

The action movie ‘Durga’ (Watch ‘Durga’ in full here) featured Biraj Bhatt opposite to actress Rekha Thapa. Rekha Thapa had established as an action actress in the original ‘Durga’. The movie had celebrated 51 days and 100 days in some theaters. To repeat the actress, Basnet is trying to convince Rekha to do the role in the sequel. Biraj and Rekha are not in good terms these days, and Biraj has been very busy in Bhojpuri movies to work in Nepali movies. Other actors Ramit Dhungana and Rejina Upreti aren’t in Nepal these days. 

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Rekha Thapa’s Goddess movies confusing viewers

Actress Rekha Thapa’s upcoming movie ‘Kali’ is currently in floor. Rekha has shared some photos from the shooting and it seems her role is confusing in lights of her past movies. 

In the past few movies, Rekha Thapa has been featured in similar roles. The female oriented movies are named similar and confusing – ‘Kali’ is currently in production and ‘Durga’, ‘Rawan’ and ‘Lanka’ are already released. Although Rekha has told that her roles in these movies are different, she looks same (in police uniform) in ‘Lanka’ and ‘Kali’ (see the photo below).

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Happy Vijaya Dashami 2069

The biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain festival has started from Tuesday October 16, 2012 and it will run till October 29. The government offices close from Saturday October 20 and open on October 25. They will again close of the last day of Dashain, October 29.

The first day is marked by sowing seed for ‘Jamara’, young plants of corn or barley to be worn on the tenth day of Dashain, Vijaya Dashami on October 24.

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Nepali Movie – Durga

Nepali film – Durga
Starring Biraj Bhatta, Rekha thapa, Ramit Dhungana, Rejina Upreti, Dinesh DC, Sushil Pokharel, Rajendra Khadgi etc.
Direction Shovit Basnet

Nepali film ‘Durga’ is a presentation of Suraj Pradhan for Jalma Cine Makers Pvt. Ltd. The movie features the story by Bikash Acharya, lyrics of Dayaram Pandey, music of Suresh Adhikari, cinematography of Deepak Bantawa, choreography of Raju Shah / Kamal Rai, action of Rajendra Khadgi and produced by Rosha Pradhan.
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