Nepali Movie – Ilaka

Nepali film – Ilika
StarringRekha Thapa, Biraj Bhatt, Dilip Rayamajhi, Pawan Basnet, Monika Sharma, Mukunda Thapa, Kedar Shrestha, Shalik Ram Khadka, Narayan Adhikari, Puskar Bhatta etc.
Director – Pramod Bhandari

A presentation of Pawan Basnet for Basnet Movies Centre, Nepali movie ‘Ilaka’ features actress Rekha Thapa with action superstar Biraj Bhatt.LB Thapa and Prakash Dhital are the guest artists in the movie. The child artists in the movie are Bijwal Giri, Deeplove Dahal, Prashant Dahal and Lucky Dhami. Niraj Dhakal is the production controller, background music by Anil Gautam , cinematography by Yubaraj Rai, script/dialogue by Bikash Acharya, music by Mahesh Khadka. Story by the director Pramod Bhandari.

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Bipasa Basu New York Lotto Commercial – hot and hit

A Bipasa Basu commercial is being a great hit in YouTube these days. The famous Bollywood actress posed topless in the advertisement for New York Lotto.

The commercial was shot in the beginning of her career, sometime in 1999, was directed by Ken Nahoum. The ad art director was illustrator Tommy Kane and the ad was shot in India. Bipasa has posed topless in the ad and she looks very sensual.

The YouTube video is attached below:

According to Bipasha’s spokesperson, Bipasha had done this ad in 1999 when she was modeling for Ford Modeling Agency in New York. The spokesperson said that the ad was was done as an international assignment and was meant for the international market.