'King' to inaugurate 'Princess' NGO

beauty-sexy-himani-pierced-belly-button Taking advantage of the current political instability, the royal family is still in the process to get back it’s previous status. They have tried to use the only person in the family without much good or bad public information, Himani Shah, to create sympathy towards monarchy. Another reason of using the previous princess, in the mission, might be her innocent looking face and beauty.

Now, she has decided to conduct the work in a more organized way, by registering a non-government organization named Himani Trust. The Trust is going to be inaugurated today (October 8, 2010) in Soltae Crown Plaza hotel in Kathmandu.

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Mayos car winner got a 'toy car'

When Suresh Chandra Adhikary, a Mayos noodle customer, got a car winning coupon in one of the Mayos noodles packet, he got very excited. He went to claim his prize car but the  officials at Himalayan Snacks and Noodles Pvt. Ltd. made fun of him and offered a ‘toy car’. It was on January 24, 2010, Adhikary got the coupon inside the noodle packet stating, "Congratulations, you have got a car."

The Department of Commerce (DoC), in response to Adhikary’s complaint, has filed a case of fraud against the manufacturer at the Kathmandu District Court for cheating its consumers.

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