'King' to inaugurate 'Princess' NGO

beauty-sexy-himani-pierced-belly-button Taking advantage of the current political instability, the royal family is still in the process to get back it’s previous status. They have tried to use the only person in the family without much good or bad public information, Himani Shah, to create sympathy towards monarchy. Another reason of using the previous princess, in the mission, might be her innocent looking face and beauty.

Now, she has decided to conduct the work in a more organized way, by registering a non-government organization named Himani Trust. The Trust is going to be inaugurated today (October 8, 2010) in Soltae Crown Plaza hotel in Kathmandu.

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Is monarchy playing Himani Card ?

In the time when former prince Paras Shah is trying to mingle with the public and offering interviews to the journalists, his wife has started attending public program. At these programs, all the beautiful former princess does is offer the beautiful smile.

In the photo above, Himani Shah (Right) is smiling to the local people. Her bodyguard Puja Karki can be seen in the background.

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Former King Gyanendra Interview Video – Monarchy is not finished yet…

After three years of being a general public, former king Gyanendra has indicated that he can see his role widening in the country. Gyanendra thinks the people still love him and one day he will be a king again. When asked what might be the reason for the end of monarchy, Gyanendra told, “I think monarchy is not finished in first place…”.

To answer a question about his future plans, Gyanendra told, “Stay in Nepal, serve Nepal, serve Nepali. My plan was the same in the past and will be same in the future.”

Interview courtesy Avenues TV.

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