Paras Shah accused of shooting at Sujata’s daughter and son-in-law

sujata_daughter_marriage-2006Ex-prince Paras Shah was accused of shooting at Deputy Prime Minister, Sujata Koirala’s daugher and son-in-law, in a jungle resort, Tiger Tops, in Chitwan.

Sujata, currently in Bangkok, reportedly called PM to inform about the incident that happened on Friday evening. Sujata’s daughter Melanie Koirala Jost and her Bangladeshi husband Rubel Chaudhary ran away from Tiger Tops after the incident and took refuge in a guest house in Gaidakot. Sujata’s daughter got married with Rubel back in 2006. The lavish wedding party was accused of being against Nepalese law.

An Indian newspaper, Indian Express, writes that the Home Minister Bhim Rawal refused to obey the PM Nepal’s order to arrest Paras Shah, who had returned back to Kathmandu on Saturday. Rawal however has promised to probe the incident and punish the culprit.

In the recent days, the members of the royal family had been active in various public  functions in a bid to win support of the public. Paras’ wife, Himani Shah, had also registered a NGO and started her social activities. In recent interviews Paras used to accepted all the wrong-doings of his prince-days and promise that, he has changed himself and will not repeat such mistakes again.

The current incident might ruin all the efforts of the royal family to restore their popularity in the public.

UPDATE: Nayapatrika writes that the event occurred on Saturday (which can’t be independently verified). Nayapatrika further writes – Paras told, “You were the behind ending Royalty. Now, I will end you!” before opening fire. Paras fired a total of 7 rounds in the air.

Screeshot from Nayapatrika news:


Kantipur writes – “The resort management dismissed the shooting report, but did confirm that there was a verbal altercation between the former royal and the Chaudhary couple that night.”


Nagariknews has published a press statement sent by Paras.