Nepali Movie – Manjari

Nepali Movie – Manjari
StarringTika Pahari, Sujata Koirala, Bishnu Rijal, Sarita Bhandari, Hopila Thapa, Vidhya Karki, Ava Aryal, Resham Phiriri, Sujan Thapa, Deepa Pokharel etc.
Director – Ganesh Dev Pandey

A presentation of Mountain River and Tuka Entertainment, Nepali movie ‘Manjari’, was liked by the viewers. Although the movie was accused of being a copy of a South Indian movie, it was told to be based on a true story. The movie by Ganesh Dev Panday, had also faced some hurdle in the censor board. Because of the issue, the release of the movie was delayed by a month from March end to the star of May. The film makers had also accused a journalist of blackmailing for advertisement. The music and the songs by Kali Prasad Baskota had been very popular among audience.

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The actors and actresses who debuted in 2070

In the year 2070 BS, almost a century movies were released (97 to be exact).

Debut actresses of 2070:

debut actress 2070

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Friday Release – Manjari and Shirishko Phool

On Friday, May 3, two movies are going to release in theater. Gaurav Pahadi and Sujata Koirala’s ‘Manjari’ and the movie made on the popular novel of Parijat ‘Shirishko Phool’ are releasing in theaters all over Nepal.


The ‘Manjari’ team had complained that the censor board had unnecessarily removed scenes from the movie to let it release. The movie by Tuka Entertainment is directed by Ganesh Dev Pandey. The songs with music by Kali Prasad Baskota have been popular among the audience and the acting of the characters seen in the promotions have also been appreciated. The fate of the movie however will be determined when it releases in theater.

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Friday release, Mar 22 – Manjari and Vigilante

This week two more Nepali movies are being released in theaters. Two different movies ‘Manjari’ and ‘Vigilante’ are going to release on March 22, 2013. Both of the movies are considered to be the movies of interest for the audience.

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Rubel shall be punished if found guilty, says Sujata

Sujata Koirala, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Nepal, has assured to assist the government in bringing her son-in-law into justice if found guilty. The Tiger Top incident has taken much hype in past few days. Rubel Chaudhary shall be brought into justice if he is found to be guilty – says Koirala talking to media in Tibhuvan International Airpot on her way back from Indonesia.

“Nobody is above the law” and nobody should be any exception, she adds. However Koirala also adds, “his (Rubel) involvement in illegal activities is baseless and one cannot accuse anybody without proof.”

Sujata Koirala says, she can publish anything in media

This is my second post about Sujata – and second time I am telling "I don’t like writing about politics." But, Sujata has such an ability that I can’t help without writing about her.

Sujata challenged the media to prove the allegations that her son-in-law Rubel Choudhory and also told that she can publish anything in newspaper.

Sujata told, "Anybody can write anything. Even I can write anything against you."

Well, can she? Isn’t that a serious issue – a serious allegation to Nepali media?

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Paras Shah accused of shooting at Sujata’s daughter and son-in-law

Ex-prince Paras Shah was accused of shooting at Deputy Prime Minister, Sujata Koirala’s daugher and son-in-law, in a jungle resort, Tiger Tops, in Chitwan.

Sujata, currently in Bangkok, reportedly called PM to inform about the incident that happened on Friday evening. Sujata’s daughter Melanie Koirala Jost and her Bangladeshi husband Rubel Chaudhary ran away from Tiger Tops after the incident and took refuge in a guest house in Gaidakot. Sujata’s daughter got married with Rubel back in 2006. The lavish wedding party was accused of being against Nepalese law.

An Indian newspaper, Indian Express, writes that the Home Minister Bhim Rawal refused to obey the PM Nepal’s order to arrest Paras Shah, who had returned back to Kathmandu on Saturday. Rawal however has promised to probe the incident and punish the culprit.

In the recent days, the members of the royal family had been active in various public  functions in a bid to win support of the public. Paras’ wife, Himani Shah, had also registered a NGO and started her social activities. In recent interviews Paras used to accepted all the wrong-doings of his prince-days and promise that, he has changed himself and will not repeat such mistakes again.

The current incident might ruin all the efforts of the royal family to restore their popularity in the public.

UPDATE: Nayapatrika writes that the event occurred on Saturday (which can’t be independently verified). Nayapatrika further writes – Paras told, “You were the behind ending Royalty. Now, I will end you!” before opening fire. Paras fired a total of 7 rounds in the air.

Screeshot from Nayapatrika news:


Kantipur writes – “The resort management dismissed the shooting report, but did confirm that there was a verbal altercation between the former royal and the Chaudhary couple that night.”


Nagariknews has published a press statement sent by Paras.

Nepal Pavilion in Shanghai Expo and National Pavilion Day cultural program

UPDATE: Videos added – courtesy China Daily

National Pavilion Day of the Nepal Pavilion in Shanghai Expo was on September 3, 2010. The event was marked with music, dance and exhibitions of art and culture. Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala went to China with 10 member cultural team lead by Shri Krishna Shrestha, for the program.

The Nepal Pavilion has a large Buddhist pagoda at the center, surrounded by folk houses representing styles from different periods in history dating back to the 11th century. The Pavilion showcases the outstanding talents in art and architecture in Nepal. The theme of the pavilion is “Tales of Kathmandu City — Seeking the Soul of a City: Exploration and Speculation.”

The pavilion is the biggest pavilion Nepal has created till date. Shanghai Expo 2010 officials have told that the Nepal Pavilion is popular in the Expo.

Shanghai Expo 2010 is the world’s largest expo featuring 189 international pavilions and 50 pavilions from multinational agencies.

Highlights of the cultural program:

Top 10 Newsmakers of 2066 BS

The Nepali year 2066 BS is going to finish on April 14, 2010. The year had a few ups and a lot of downs. I am compiling the top newsmakers of the year 2066. Writing the full list will take some time. I will update this page later and hopefully will finish before the year 2066 finishes.

1. Gyanendra Shah (Ex-King, wounded lion?)

Gyanendra (King of Nepal from 2001 to 2008) made news again at the end of the year by telling that the royalty is not dead yet. The political environment was heated and it started political debate on his statement.

2. Paramananda Jha (Hindi attachment)

Paramananda Jha came into controversy after he took the oath of office and secrecy in Hindi language. Paramananda Jha’s position as the Vice President has become defunct from 31 August 2009, with his refusal to take oath in Nepali. According to the Supreme Court’s verdict, Jha wasn’t allowed to perform any duties in capacity of the VP and wasn’t entitled to special security and privileges given to him as the VP. Jha was then in a situation where he has been elected as the VP by the parliament, but hasn’t taken oath.

After six months off duty, Vice President’s post was reactivated from February 7, 2010, after he took fresh oath of office and secrecy. This time, he took the oath both in Nepali and his mother tongue Maithali. Taking oath in mother tongue other than Nepali is permitted after a recent amendment in current Constitution letting President, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ministers to take oath of office and secrecy in their respective mother tongues.

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Khagendra proposed and kissed Rekha Thapa

Khagendra Thapa Magar, world’s shortest person (62 cm) is only 4.6 kg in weight. When somebody meets the 18-year-old guy, the person can not resist carrying him.  This time it was actress Rekha Thapa who carried and kissed Khagendra. Khagendra returned the favor with numerous kisses and a marriage proposal.

The light-weight little guy Khagendra Thapa Magar is being an object of admiration among political leaders and film actors these days. Khagendra is collecting funds but, it looks like the political leaders were more concerned with carrying him rather than supporting financially. In my last post PM Nepal was carrying him on his lap.

After that, every major political leaders were seen photographed carrying Khagendra. Here is a collection of photographs of different leaders meeting Khagendra.

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Sujata Koirala – Politics that I don’t understand

I don’t like writing about politics because is is never that entertaining. But sometimes you are dragged into it unwillingly and you feel like venting your dissatisfaction through words.

Sujata Koirala, daughter of Giraja Prasad Koirala faced huge criticism when she was brought into the government  led by her father back in 2008. She was even termed as “the female counterpart of Paras, the notorious son of the suspended monarch Gyanendra in Nepali Congress politics.” by a noted journalist, Dinesh Wagle. When she was given a foreign portfolio in the current government her own party stood against her. The senior Koirala managed to cool down the debate so that she could gather the courage to demand for a Deputy Prime Minister post. In August, the Foreign Minister showed her dissatisfaction by refusing to go with the PM on a high level diplomatic visit to India on the last minute. Many have seen the move as “Height of irresponsibility” on her part. She also made headlines when she invited 3,500 guests on her daughter’s wedding reception. The country’s Social Behavior Reform Act 1976 however bars marriage parties from having more than 51 invitees.

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