Shobhraj wife Nihita to feature in Indian TV show?

Bikini Killer Charles Shobhraj‘s 22-year-old wife Nihita Biswas is told to be featured in a reality TV show, Bigg Boss 5. From the time Nihita announced her love for the convicted killer, she was expected to cash in the popularity she got from linking herself to the controversial character.

An Indian Newspaper, Times of India, has told that Nihita has already confirmed her presence in the show. Bigg Boss show, known for presenting controversial content, goes on air in October. Nihita is expected to arrive in India by the end of September for the preparation of the show.

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The Constitution of Nepal was supposed to be made a lot earlier. But, it had been postponed a number of times and there is still no hope for one in near future.

The country is so obsessed by the word Constitution (Sambidhan) that there are a lot of things are being named after it. Dipak Bhattarai found a couple of signboards in Chitawan with Sambidhan written in them.


An intersection is named "Sambidhan Chowk" that connects Cancer, Religion (Dharma Chowk), 2.4 Million (ChaubisKoti), and Narayanghadh.

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